NULO Launches Bowl-Ready Line of Gently Cooked Meal Solutions at Global Pet Expo

By Pet Age Staff//March 21, 2024//

NULO Launches Bowl-Ready Line of Gently Cooked Meal Solutions at Global Pet Expo

By: Pet Age Staff//March 21, 2024//

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Performance nutrition specialist, Nulo is introducing a comprehensive six-flavor line of shelf-stable pouch meals that answers pet parent expectations for minimally processed, high meat inclusion foods that can be conveniently, safely stored in the pantry.

Pet parents are increasingly health conscious for themselves and their furry companions, so they are looking for human-grade ingredient pet foods made without artificial additives, preservatives and fillers.

Meanwhile retailers want to offer these products but chafe at emerging fresh brands that want retail space and access to their shoppers while simultaneously competing with them through e-commerce subscriptions.

“Consumers tell us they like the idea of fresh food nutrition but are less enamored with its shorter shelf life, storage in their cramped refrigerators and ongoing commitments to expensive subscription programs,” said Michael Landa, founder and CEO of Nulo Pet Foods. “Our new line of Gently-Cooked meals provides the fresh pet nutrition people seek while eliminating those barriers, along with the ability to go from pantry to bowl without any messy clean-up.”

Each of the 9-ounce complete, nutritionally balanced home-style meals are made with high levels of premium shredded meat plus diced fruit and vegetables and wholesome ancient grains.

“We believe it’s essential for pet health and well-being to provide no-compromise nutrition that is low in carbohydrate and high glycemic ingredients and is also formulated with greater amounts of high-quality animal meat and functional ingredients that support enhanced wellness,” said Dr. Greg Aldrich, Nulo’s chief operating officer and innovation team lead. “We’re pioneering low cooking temperature techniques designed to maintain nutritional integrity and density in a shelf-stable product.”

Nulo’s Gently-Cooked Homestyle Meals flavor line-up includes:

Beef and Sweet Potato

Turkey and Green Bean

Salmon and Brown Rice

Duck and Quinoa

Pork and Apple

Chicken and Quinoa

As consumers have become more intentional in seeking less processed, higher quality and more premium ingredient pet foods, Nulo’s Gently-Cooked meal portfolio provides retailers with a relevant, affordable new solution that is already aligned with their shelf merchandizing format. Visit Nulo’s booth 3036 at the Global Pet Expo to see the new Gently-Cooked line and get more details on availability.