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NRF Survey Shows $700M Projected in Pet Halloween Spending

By Pet Age Staff//October 5, 2023//

NRF Survey Shows $700M Projected in Pet Halloween Spending

By: Pet Age Staff//October 5, 2023//

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Press release: Pet Portraits

As the spooky season approaches, TikTok is once again flooded with Halloween trends.

This year, our furry friends are taking center stage, with pet owners showcasing their creativity and humor. Setting the scene, the hashtags #Halloweendog and #Halloweendogcostume have 103.4 million and 39.5 million views, respectively. Cats aren’t far behind, with #Halloweencat and #Halloweencats racking up 55.4 million and 14.4 million views. 

Projected 2023 Expenditure: $700M on Adorable Pet Halloween Costumes

According to the National Retail Federation (source), an astounding $700 million will be spent this Halloween to drape furry friends in Halloween costumes, from little pumpkins to four-legged hot dogs. 

Most Popular Pet Halloween Costumes According to the NRF:

  • Pumpkins: 11 percent of purchases
  • Hot Dogs: 7 percent of purchases
  • Bats: 4 percent of purchases
  • Bumblebees: 3 percent of purchases
  • Spiders: 3 percent of purchases

This research was brought to you by Pet Portraits, a company dedicated to creating custom portraits of your beloved pets through talented digital artists. As we delve into the Halloween spirit, Pet Portraits is excited to announce the launch of its special Halloween canvas. Perfect for those looking to immortalize their pets in their spooky best! 

Here’s a look at the top 7 pet Halloween trends on TikTok right now:

  1. The Ghost Trend: The #ghosttrend is haunting TikTok with a whopping 279.3M views. Videos like @littletraveltoller’s “bringing the ghost trend back but with my dog” (279.3 million views) and @pippathecav’s ghostly duvet transformation (11.9 million views) are standout examples.
  2. DIY Ghost Dogs: DIY Ghost Dogs: Home Depot’s ghostly dog decoration has become a DIY sensation. @morganzuhmakes‘ transformation of it into an Australian Shepherd ghost has 6 million views. Similarly, @ryderthedal’s Dalmatian-inspired paint job has 3.2 million views.
  3. Guard Dog Meets Halloween: @jocko_maverick_kuno’s video captures a “guard dog’s” hilarious reaction to Halloween decorations, garnering 1.5 million views.
  4. Skeleton Makeover: @toshmontoya’s video, which showcases her dog’s transformation into a skeleton, has 2.6 million views.
  5. Pumpkin Pup: @maycineeley’s heartwarming video of a golden doodle puppy snugly fitting inside a pumpkin has 93.3 thousand views.
  6. Feline Flight: Cats are joining the Halloween fun too! @va_girl757′s fluffy cat donned bat wings, strutting around with a serious demeanor, and has 2.6 million views. Meanwhile, @witchmxm’s ginger cat ‘moonwalked’ with bat wings, garnering 1.1 million views.
  7. Black Cat’s Month: @charlieinberlin reminds everyone that October is the month of black cats, showcasing them walking into October like the stars they are, with 877.5 thousand views.

This Halloween on TikTok showcases our deep bond with pets, celebrating them with fun and creativity. As October progresses, who knows what other whimsical trends will emerge? With the Barbie trend, will we see a Barbie dog? What’s your pet’s costume this year? Dive into the festive spirit, share the joy, and let’s make this season unforgettable.