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Now Available Bristly Breaks Crowdfunding Records

Pet Age Staff//October 30, 2018//

Now Available Bristly Breaks Crowdfunding Records

Pet Age Staff //October 30, 2018//

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Press release: Bristly

Bristly, the functional chew toy empowering dogs to brush their own teeth, has launched its DIY dog tooth brushing stick in major pet retailer PetSense. The company has also finished its Kickstarter campaign by breaking records in the pet category.

PetSense is a national retailer based in Arizona now offering Bristly in their HABA (dental health) isle. Ordering 500 of each SKU, they have reordered multiple times in just half a year.

“This is exciting because this is our first time in a major pet retailer,” said Petros Dertsakyan, creator and CEO of Bristly. “We have worked very hard to make a product that helps both dogs and dog parents.”

Bristly has also recently completed its Kickstarter campaign by being over 3,000% funded, totaling over $400,000 pledged. They were 100% funded in only one day. Between crowdfunding through Kickstarter and Indiegogo, they have raised over $820,000 making them the campaign with the highest number of backers (10,692 through Kickstarter, 7,329 through Indiegogo, 18,021 total) and highest amount raised on crowdfunding of any pet campaigns.

These record-breaking numbers and testimonials on the Kickstarter campaign prove the interest in a product that dogs can use daily to brush their own teeth while pet parents sit back and relax.

“Designed with their anatomy and behaviors in mind, the brushing stick enables daily removal of plaque and bacteria without the hard-won tooth brushing battle so familiar to many dog parents,” said Dertsakyan.

Acting as a functional toy, the dog-centric design offers easy to hold paw pads for independent dog use. The 2-side of bristle lines clean teeth down to the gumline while the flavored bristles promote chewing. Side nudges provide an added brushing surface for optimal brushing. With a self-dispensing toothpaste reservoir, adding toothpaste can help enhance cleaning. The Bristly brushing stick is available in three sizes to withstand even the toughest chewers.