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NexPet Announces New Benefits for Members

Pet Age Staff//February 17, 2020//

NexPet Announces New Benefits for Members

Pet Age Staff //February 17, 2020//

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Press release: NexPet

NexPet, the national co-op of independent pet retailers, is partnering with two  organizations to provide new services to its members in 2020. One is a custom geo-targeting advertising campaign allowing stores to target their customers via their mobile phones. The second is a brand of training pads for stores to sell at retail prices that match what customers can find on the Internet.

The NexPet members already using geo-targeting have seen dramatic increases in foot traffic and sales that they attribute to these campaigns. NexPet’s mobile marketing partner, DirectWorks, is a company focused on the independent retail channel and is working in the pet industry exclusively through the New York-based cooperative. The training pad provider is PRD, a new company founded by Ken Oh, formerly chairman of PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council).

NexPet is a national co-op of 540 independent pet stores, founded in 1999 by Barry Berman and a group of Northeastern retailers. The organization provides tools for managing a pet store including staff training, marketing programs and content, plus group discounts and  rebates and other benefits for independent pet stores. NexPet also owns the Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals brand of ultra premium dog and cat food.