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New Petfood Innovation Workshop on Meat & Novel Proteins Announced for Petfood Forum

Pet Age Staff//February 16, 2016//

New Petfood Innovation Workshop on Meat & Novel Proteins Announced for Petfood Forum

Pet Age Staff //February 16, 2016//

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The new theme for the interactive one-day workshop opener at Petfood Forum 2016 will be Meat & Novel Proteins.

The workshop will debut on Monday, April 18, 2016. It will feature a themed program focused on meat and alternative protein ingredients, which are the leading growth category in pet food and treats.

Functionality, sustainability and safety challenges businesses face in creating successful high impact meat and novel protein products will be the main topic of the workshop demonstrations. Companies such as Extru-Tech Inc., Sonac, Sensient, F.L. Emmert Co., APC and VIDEKA will show how meat and other proteins react with other ingredients and binders, the effect that meat has on nutritional value and how technology can be utilized to address food safety challenges.

Petfood Innovation Workshop will again feature a hands-on format for participants. Registrants will be transported to the Kansas State-Olathe Food Innovation Accelerator Lab, where they will rotate amongst different stations and engage in the creation of new types of protein-based pet food.

“The Petfood Innovation Workshop and Kansas State University partnership produced two highly popular and successful events in 2015, as the opportunity to create new pet food and treat products hands-on is not something you get to do every day,” said Steve Akins, vice president and publisher of Petfood Industry.

Petfood Forum 2016 is to be held April 18-20, 2016, in the heart of the animal health corridor, Kansas City, Missouri. For more information on Petfood Forum 2016, visit: