July 10, 2017

Nautilus Tropical Fish Wholesale of Plant City, Florida, announced last week that the company had received a number of exciting species of fish from Colombia.

Panda uaru, bicolor panda cories and chameleon whiptails were just some of the fish the company announced. Gulper cats were also received, and while they are categorized as monster fish, the group from Nautilus Tropical Fish Wholesale do not reach monster size. According to a message from Joe Hiduke, sales manager for Nautilus Tropical, the gulper cats only reach around eight inches, making them great predatory display fish. He advised that the gulper cats will eat fish nearly their own size, so it’s important to populate their tank carefully.

Also in stock are ruby tetras, which are super bright red nano tank fish, perfect for a several-gallon desktop tank “with a handful of fancy shrimp,” according to Hiduke. He also explained that longfin tiger barbs were expected to arrive in the days after the company’s announcement, the strain having a mutation for longer fins, slowing them down and making them better suited to a community tank.

An additional list of available species is as follows:concolor cory cats

Tetras and Relatives: red phantoms, ruby tetras, rainbow emperor tetras (lacortei), and red hooks; farm tetras including tiger silver dollars, black neons, bloodfins, von rios, and brilliant serpaes.

Barbs & Relatives: red glass barbs, blushing tigers, gold zebra danios, pearl danios, white clouds, and veiltail white clouds.

Livebearers: platies including red wages and assorted XL platies; chocolate sailfins, firecracker swords, red lyretails, neon swords, platinum guppies and black phantoms, and red mosaics.

New World Cichlids: Apisto viejita, Apisto juruensis, Geophagus megasema from Brazil, medium and XL firemouths, medium electric blue rams, large blue rams

Old World Cichlids: Florida-bred Benga sunshine and Mdoka flametail peacocks, all males; other peacocks and Haps, including Matumbi hunters, Kyoga flamebacks, small rhoadesii ‘Malawi bream,’ Taiwan reef steveni, and OB peacocks; mbunas including black-top shauri, Hara afras, huge ‘medium’ msobos, Gallireya reef red-top zebras, and medium redhead macs.

Catfish and Loaches: Florida-bred Synodontis multipunctatus, bumble bee cats, threadfin farlowellas, regular farlowellas, a variety of cory cats with elegans and concolor, Colombian sharks, pictus, L52 butterfly plecos, fancy plecos including medium gold nuggets, Colombian snowballs, candy-striped plecos, and green phantoms; clown loaches, and highfin banded loaches.

Other Fish: brown ghosts, dragonfish, giant Ecuador water cows, medium silver arowanas, red scats, small Mono argentus, sunset thicklip gouramis, yellow rainbows, large turquoise, regular kamakas and Goyder rivers.

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