Nautilus Tropical Fish Wholesale Receives Fish from Colombia, Florida

Pet Age Staff//July 20, 2018//

Nautilus Tropical Fish Wholesale Receives Fish from Colombia, Florida

Pet Age Staff //July 20, 2018//

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Nautilus Tropical Sales Manager Joe Hiduke reports that the number of fish from Colombia is continuing to improve, including some new livebearers.

“I have little South American barracudas. A bit too small for me to give a species a guess, they’re a wild Colombian Acestrorhynchus,” Hiduke said in an email. “Around 2 inches now, they’re small but feeding well and solid. I also have the smallest peacock bass I’ve ever seen. They look like killifish. But they are sucking down frozen blackworms and will grow like weeds.”

And according to Hiduke, if retailers/owners “want fish that get big and eat things this is a good week to order.”

“I have Boulengerella South American marbled gars that came in at a fantastic size. Big enough to be sturdy, not so big that they’ll bash their faces into the glass. Roughly 4 to 5 inches.”

Nautilus also received fish from Florida.

“I also have a couple of ‘new’ Florida swords. I’ve been getting plenty of pineapples, but I have new Florida ones. They’re not big, but a bit bigger than the imports. They are super bright, and with a lot more males than the imports,” he explained. “I also have a Florida sunset sword which I haven’t seen in ages. Kind of greenish orange body transitioning to orange on the tail. Good size, and again, decent number of males.”

The wholesaler also received a shipment of diamond gold barbs, which Hiduke says look fantastic and even better in customers’ tanks with dark gravel, as well as a restock of fish from Bali, Fiji and Sri Lanka.