Naturally Fresh Cat Litter Announces Winners of 4th Annual Litter Giveaway

Julia Rivera//March 15, 2022//

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter Announces Winners of 4th Annual Litter Giveaway

Julia Rivera //March 15, 2022//

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Press release: Naturally Fresh 

With its fourth annual litter giveaway wrapped up, Naturally Fresh Cat Litter once again gave away 1,000 pounds of cat litter to three U.S. shelters.  

Cat parents from across the country were able to nominate their favorite local shelter for the chance for their nominated shelter to win one of three prizes. The three nomination posts received hundreds of nominations. From those nominations, the three winners were selected at random, and each were sent 1,000 pounds of Naturally Fresh Cat Litter. 

After the nomination period and random selection process, the three winners were: 

“Our fosters are loving the litter so far! It’s much lighter weight than clay litter,” said Mallori Girard, co-founder of Six Kittens Rescue in Bryan, Texas. “We cannot say enough about how much this litter donation has impacted our rescue. Litter is a big expense for cat-specific rescues and being able to re-allocate our normal litter budget has given us the ability to help even more cats and kittens.”

This giveaway represents only part of the commitment Naturally Fresh has to supporting animal shelters and rescues across the country. After donating over 370,000 pounds of cat litter over the past two years (2019-2020), Naturally Fresh enters 2022 with a goal of giving 250,000 pounds to shelters and rescues across the country throughout the year. Eco-Shell, LP, manufacturer of the Naturally Fresh family of litter products, remains committed to supporting shelters that provide for cats and kittens in their local community. 

“We see the need to have formulas that accommodate the needs of different cats and households, whether it’s extra odor-control, a scented option, or a training litter for kittens,” said Helen Cantrell, director of marketing and sales. This is especially relevant for shelters like Tri-County Humane Society who communicated that they “especially like the Pellet Non-Clumping option for very small kittens and any cats with potential injuries.”

As part of the fourth annual litter giveaway, Naturally Fresh also gave away 100 pounds of Naturally Fresh Cat Litter to three lucky cat parents, who each engaged with one of the litter giveaway posts and was randomly selected as the winner. This amount provides over half a year’s worth of cat litter for each recipient (based on a one-cat household).

Naturally Fresh has plans to continue both the consumer and shelter giveaways for years to come.

Based in Corning, California, Eco-Shell, LP, maker of the Naturally Fresh family of products, produces an all-natural, eco-friendly cat litter made from biodegradable walnut shells. Founded in 2010, Naturally Fresh products use a natural blend derived from walnut shells grown in northern California by Crain Walnut Shelling, Inc., a family-owned producer, packer and processor of quality English Walnuts for over a half-century.


(Photo courtesy Tri-County Humane Society)


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