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Nala Cat Launches Love, Nala and Super Premium Cat Food

Pet Age Staff//September 25, 2019//

Nala Cat Launches Love, Nala and Super Premium Cat Food

Pet Age Staff //September 25, 2019//

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Press release: Love, Nala

Nala Cat, Instagram’s most popular cat with over four million followers, announced the launch of Love, Nala a national platform committed to raising awareness around animal rescue, pet health and nutrition. The platform was created in partnership with Creative Labs and leading entertainment and sports agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA). With nutrition at its core, the platform launched by introducing the Love, Nala super-premium line of cat food that is available in both wet and dry options.

Love, Nala was created and inspired from the pure love of fur babies and the power of social media to share the best products to fans of Nala and beyond. Nala, her owners and partners teamed up with the experts at Perfection Pet Foods to develop a high-quality line of cat food that is Nala Cat tested and recommended! The recipes promise to be the highest quality providing balanced and nutritious meals with wholesome ingredients like real fish, poultry and chickpeas. There are no “fillers”–every ingredient has a purpose to ensure each furry friend gets the best nutrition.

Nala was rescued from a shelter in California when she was five months old by her mom “Pookie” and soon after began her Instagram journey. Nala’s community grew rapidly as she and Pookiedsc_6264 welcomed mom Shannon Ellis, six additional rescues and two adopted human children into the family. Including Nala and her brothers and sisters, they now have over 10 million followers– that’s bigger than Grumpy Cat, Hello Kitty and Garfield!

Inspired by warmth, community and a love for animals, Love, Nala was born. Nala’s journey from rescue to catrepreneur shows the impact of rescuing animals and how quickly their lives can change. Named ‘the most popular cat influencer’ by Business Insider, a Shorty Award Winner, Guinness World Record Holder and the only cat CAA represents, Nala and her family will continue to utilize her platform and reach, with plans to announce social good initiatives in the coming months.

“We created Love, Nala with the hopes to continue to share the love that we have received from our  supportive community with generations of pets to come,” said Nala’s owners Pookie and Shannon. “We have been involved in the entire process of the making of Love, Nala and it was our mission to make something that was nutritious, safe and affordable without compromising the quality of ingredients.”

One of Nala’s biggest supporters and fellow Instagram superstar, Cats of Instagram, has been with Nala since day one.

“Nala is a dear friend of ours. We both joined Instagram in the early days and we’ve loved watching Nala grow alongside us. She continually amazes us in everything she‘s accomplished and we couldn’t be prouder of her,“ said founders of Cats of Instagram, Eli Omidi and Kady Lone.

Love, Nala is available for purchase and subscription in the continental US.