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MySimplePetLab Expands Vet-Approved Line of Dog Care Kits at Target Stores

By Pet Age Staff//April 16, 2024//

MySimplePetLab Expands Vet-Approved Line of Dog Care Kits at Target Stores

By: Pet Age Staff//April 16, 2024//

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MySimplePetLab, recently announced it is expanding at select Target stores nationwide. Introducing Ear Care Dog Kit and Diarrhea Care Dog Kit, providing just-in-time support when you and your dog need it most. Launching in stores this month, these modern dog care kits were designed to make pet care ownership both simple and accessible – for all. Care kits include vet-approved over-the-counter ear infection and diarrhea solutions that you can purchase at Target in-store or online and use in the comfort of your home.

The new additions in Target highlight MySimplePetLab’s commitment to enhancing pet wellness and increasing access to high-quality pet care, when and where it’s needed most. The Ear Care and Diarrhea Care Dog Kits offer comprehensive, vet-approved solutions for pet parents to manage their pet’s health from home. Care kits can be used either for those just-in-time moments when your pet needs relief fast, and or as part of general pet wellness. Each kit has 3-5 efficacious products to support ear and digestive health, respectively, along with simple instructions for use.

The two dog care kits join the existing First Aid Care Dog Kit + Virtual Vet Advice that was launched in 2023 at Target.

“Pet ownership and care should be simple, whether at home or on-the-go. Pet parents are increasingly seeking products that offer support for their pets wherever they are. Ear, skin, and digestive issues are among the top concerns that pet owners can’t always anticipate and often want just-in-time care for.” said Jen Hagness, CEO at MySimplePetLab. We are focused on creating products and solutions that make pet parents feel both confident and well-prepared to tackle any challenge that comes their way.”