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MyFamily Debuts in Milan Centrale Station, Expands Pet Brand Identity

By Pet Age Staff//September 27, 2023//

MyFamily Debuts in Milan Centrale Station, Expands Pet Brand Identity

By: Pet Age Staff//September 27, 2023//

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Press release: MyFamily

MyFamily, an Italian company specialized in the pet accessories sector, expands its chain of single-brand stores choosing Milan as its next destination. Thanks to the agreement with Grandi Stazioni Retail, the nerve center of the city, the Milano Centrale station was the location for the September 22 opening that saw the debut of the MyFamily store, which is over 500 square feet.

“Our expansion project with the opening of MyFamily boutiques has just begun, but we reserve a unique enthusiasm at each opening. Being present at Milano Centrale means getting to the heart of a city with a cosmopolitan soul and in continuous evolution, just like us,” said Alessandro Borghese, founder of the brand.

Inside the store is proposed the complete range of pet accessories products ranging from tags, collars, harnesses and leashes. Each item is handcrafted with care and attention and designed specifically for the physical structure of the animal, trying to facilitate it as much as possible in its movements. To make the shopping experience even more special at the point of sale is the customization service of the tags, the brand thus offers a unique opportunity for its customers who build the MyFamily community every day.

The debut at Milano Centrale, thus bringing the number of MyFamily stores to 10, represents a consolidation within the pet sector. MyFamily’s retail expansion, which has always been oriented toward the global market, is confirmed. To date, the brand has an international presence, supported through its commercial branches, rooted in over 100 countries that include the United States, Brazil, Canada and Japan that, thanks to continuous investments in research and development, patents and corporate heritage, continues to evolve.

The brand continues positively its rise on the market, which is increasingly tending to the humanization of the pet, closing the year 2022 with a turnover of 22 million euros which corresponds to an increase of 30 percent compared to the previous year and setting itself the goal of reaching 30 million euros for 2023.

The Milano Centrale store is a necessary step to build a consolidated and recognizable brand identity. MyFamily also sets itself the goal by 2026 of opening of approximately 40 stores located in different strategic areas of the world, thus establishing itself as a global leader in pet lifestyle.