Mobile Dog Training Franchise Dog Wizard Adds 23 New Territories

Glenn Polyn//January 19, 2023//

Mobile Dog Training Franchise Dog Wizard Adds 23 New Territories

Glenn Polyn //January 19, 2023//

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Press release: The Dog Wizard

The Dog Wizard, the largest mobile dog training franchisor in the United States, recently reported strong growth in 2022, awarding 23 new territories in nine states, to reach a total national footprint of 64 territories. The Ohio-based company expects continued growth in 2023 that could double its current service reach across the country.

The majority of the new territories in Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Nevada, Minnesota, Colorado and California were acquired by existing Dog Wizard franchisees who elected to expand their current holdings based on their business successes, plus the low cost of market entry and a strong return on their investment.

“We are excited by the territory growth which is a strong testament to the success of The Dog Wizard business model,” said The Dog Wizard CEO Grant Reeves. “Starting with our own incumbent franchise partners who were awarded additional available territories over the past quarter alone, and now managing the wave of demand as our partners at BrandONE are presenting new candidates to us on an increased basis every week, the momentum behind our current growth is amazing.”

The Dog Wizard’s growth is being hyper-fueled by the recent partnership with expert franchise development company BrandONE. Per this relationship, the company is expecting to award up to 75 additional new territories to a new set of franchisees in 2023 which would bring The Dog Wizard to approximately 140 territories awarded by the end of this year.

Since 2005, The Dog Wizard has offered a wide variety of training and obedience programs to address virtually all dog training needs, and for all dog types and conditions. The Dog Wizard provides extensive franchisee training, and customer and marketing support to ensure the success of franchise partners.