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Metro Paws Expands to 8 New States with Cayco Reps Partnership

Pet Age Staff//September 13, 2023//

Metro Paws Expands to 8 New States with Cayco Reps Partnership

Pet Age Staff //September 13, 2023//

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Press release: Metro Paws

Metro Paws, an innovative brand that has specialized in eco-friendly designer pet essentials for 15 years, recently announced its partnership with Cayco Reps, giving independent stores across multiple states easier access to its products. Cayco Reps has represented brands for 30 years, educating independent stores in Arizona, California, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Texas and Wisconsin about the best that the pet industry has to offer.

This will be a true partnership in every sense of the word. Both Metro Paws and Cayco Reps are committed to local, independent stores. You won’t find Metro Paws products in big-box stores because it is part of their core values. Cayco Reps will introduce Metro Paws to more independent stores. The ingenious, nature-inspired products come in eye-catching designs that fit your store’s branding. They’ll also fulfill customers’ desires for one-of-a-kind items that are also high-quality and environmentally-friendly.

What makes Cayco Reps unique? Their company is women-owned and operated. Their 30 years within the industry have given them the expertise to recognize and educate stores on innovative, high-margin products. Cayco Reps provides personalized service to their customers.

Through Cayco Reps, stores can order the entire slate of Metro Paws products, including Poopy Packs, ASTM 5511 certified ULTRA degradable poop bags that will degrade up to 25 percent within one month, Metro Balls, petrochemical-free pet-safe tennis balls, Metro Wipes, durable alcohol and paraben-free grooming wipes, Metro Bliss Nip & Stix, organic silvervine nip and sticks for cats, and the new Metro Paws Pawty Box, an all-in-one gift for pups.