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Marsh Dog Announces Agreement to Sell Company to Chasing Our Tails

Glenn Polyn//June 15, 2021//

Marsh Dog Announces Agreement to Sell Company to Chasing Our Tails

Glenn Polyn //June 15, 2021//

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Press release: Chasing Our Tails

Marsh Dog, a privately held dog treat firm focused on utilizing the protein of an invasive species, wild nutria, has announced its sale to Chasing Our Tails, a leading national pet treat manufacturer, for an undisclosed amount.

Closure of the 10-year-old Baton Rouge-based company elicited a flood of responses from environmental organizations, government agencies, retailers and customers who support Marsh Dog’s efforts to harness the free market in addressing an environmental challenge. Wild nutria destroy wetlands in many parts of the country, but the greatest damage occurs in Louisiana. Some 400,000 of these semi-aquatic mammals must be removed annually to prevent coastal erosion, a problem that affects the entire nation.

“We believe strongly in using the healthy, nutritious, and eco-sustainable protein of nutria, rather than seeing it wasted,” said Hansel Harlan, president of Marsh Dog. “Dog owners agreed and a grassroots movement began. Our family is thrilled to place Marsh Dog in the capable hands of Chasing Our Tails owner, Stephen Trachtenberg, whom we know will continue the work we began, converting dogs into Canine Conservationists.”

Chasing Our Tails, based in Southern Minnesota, is a U.S. leader in the manufacturing of premium single and limited ingredient U.S.-sourced treats and chews. The company was established in 2009 by Trachtenberg and operates in over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Chasing Our Tails is dedicated to providing quality US-made products in a variety of identifiable proteins and has strengthened its brand through its distinct innovation and vertical integration.

Trachtenberg said, “We are excited to welcome Marsh Dog to our family of brands. We look forward to continuing the legacy of the Harlan family’s work while expanding the product line to include other U.S. invasive species. Our first line addition will be Asian Carp which is an invasive species in Minnesota and several US waterways. We firmly believe that every canine can help in the conservation effort and that Marsh Dog will be an integral part of a solution to invasive species. In doing that, we can change the face of novel protein treat options.”

Chasing Our Tails looks forward to re-launching Marsh Dog’s current line-up later this month with line extensions to follow.