Marcoot Jersey Creamery, Canine Brands Partnership Expands Dog-O’s Distribution

Julia Rivera//February 9, 2022//

Marcoot Jersey Creamery, Canine Brands Partnership Expands Dog-O’s Distribution

Julia Rivera //February 9, 2022//

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Press release: Marcoot Jersey Creamery

Based in America’s heartland, Marcoot Jersey Creamery is excited to join with new distribution partner Canine Brands to expand the success of its Dog-O’s Cheesy Chompers, Cheesy Chompers with Real Bacon and more.

In partnership, Canine Brands will help Dog-O’s Cheesy Chompers 100 percent Cheese Dog Treats expand their distribution, servicing independent pet retail stores across California, Nevada and Arizona.

Beth Marcoot Young, co-owner of Marcoot Jersey Creamery said, “California, Arizona and Nevada are important states for pet-parents and retailers alike seeking quality and transparency in the product decisions they’re making for pets and for customers. We are proud to partner with Canine Brands to help grow our Dog-O’s brand and support independent retailers and their customers with an exceptional product line and an exceptional level of customer service.”

“We are very excited to have Marcoot’s Dog-O’s Cheesy Chompers join our portfolio. Their premium, 100 percent made in the U.S.A. dog treats complement our strong commitment to healthy pet solutions and deliver the quality today’s pet-parents and independent retailers expect,” added Jay Ottenstein, director of sales of canine brands.

Transition into the pet industry was natural for the Marcoot sisters, from their seventh-generation dairy farm. Proudly woman-owned, Dog-O’s was inspired by the two sisters, alongside their lifelong best friend and business partner Audie Wall. This trio drew inspiration from their lifelong love of their pets and their passion for farming and producing the highest quality cheese for people and families across the U.S.

Dog-O’s inaugural product, Cheesy Chompers and NEW Cheesy Chompers with Real Bacon are available in two sizes: Small Dog and Medium/Large Dog, with continual plans for further expansion and development of the brand in the very near future. PDQ displays are also available for a shelf-friendly, eye-catching presentation. Educational training materials for retailers are also available from the company to help promote new/repeat business.



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