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MAPP Trap Adds Marc Maybee as Director of Brand Compliance

Pet Age Staff//January 2, 2020//

MAPP Trap Adds Marc Maybee as Director of Brand Compliance

Pet Age Staff //January 2, 2020//

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Press release: MAPP Trap

On January 6, MAPP Trap’s high-touch, “Complete Compliance” service will be launched worldwide. The program will be headed up by the company’s new director of compliance, Marc Maybee. With over 10 years of experience in the retail and outdoor industry, Maybee has been responsible for managing and enforcing MAP, ECOM and distribution policies for some of Amer Sports iconic brands like, Salomon, Suunto, Arc’teryx and Atomic.

In this age of Amazon, brands must control their distribution channels to fully protect brand equity and profit margins. And while MAPP Trap offers industry-leading tools to police ECOM, identify online merchants and automate enforcement actions, many clients lack the internal resources and expertise to create and enforce the necessary policies in the first place. Many have asked, “Can’t you just do it for us?”

According to MAPP Trap CEO, Ron Solomon, “Complete Compliance answers that question with a resounding, ‘Yes!’ Brands that have participated in our initial rollout have seen declines in the number of policy violators and gray market sellers by over 60 percent in just 30 days. And while that is happening, their prices are going up. We are excited to see Marc bring that success to all of our existing and future clients.” 

Under Maybee’s direction, Complete Compliance will become the resource brands need to create and successfully enforce their protection policies. From initial strategizing to the crafting of policies and enforcement templates, right down to the dissemination of those compliance notices along with Do Not Ship lists, Cease and Desist letters, takedown notices, outbound calling and more, the program will help them to regain control and recapture brand equity. 

During his time at Amer Sports, Maybee increased online compliance from as low as 45 percent to the current 95 percent, which is best in class for the industry. Now he’ll turn that expertise to helping MAPP Trap brands.

“We’ve used MAPP Trap at Amer Sports for two years, so I know, first-hand, how powerful their data is,” says Maybee. “My work with major brands like Salomon and Arc’teryx will be invaluable in helping MAPP Trap clients turn frustrations into success.”