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Long Island Pet Professionals Goes National

Pet Age Staff//January 13, 2015//

Long Island Pet Professionals Goes National

Pet Age Staff //January 13, 2015//

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American Pet Professionals, formerly Long Island Pet Professionals LLC (LIPP), has officially launched nationally.

Renamed and rebranded, the organization rolled out a newly designed website in late September 2014 called Membership has since increased substantially, with current members transitioning their membership to the new site and new members joining from around the country.

Pet professionals are offered much more opportunity to network in-person and online than ever before through new features added to the website for both members and nonmembers, user-friendly functionality and the capability for members to have their own webpages within the site.

American Pet Professionals also offers three different levels of membership to suit the needs of diverse industry professionals, a new pet pro blog, in-person networking events held across the country, online networking events, free access to online events for members as well as nonmembers, PR requests for media seeking industry experts and more.

Long Island Pet Professionals LLC was founded by Nancy E. Hassel, who was seeking better networking opportunities for the pet industry on Long Island.

“I never dreamed I would be taking our organization to a national level, but nearly two years in people from other states started joining and becoming members of LIPP,” said Hassel. “It was surprising but really no one was offering anything like what LIPP offered for all pet professionals. We are not specific to any one part of the industry and that is where there was a big gap and a need.”

“Launching a national organization, new website and rebranding Long Island Pet Professionals to American Pet Professionals was a daunting (and dare I say fun) task. The new website is user friendly, offers our members much more access and functionality, opportunities for their pet businesses or animal rescue organizations. And there is so much more coming in 2015, I can nearly not contain my excitement!” said, Hassel. “This was no small mission, as anyone who has ever launched any website or has rebranded would know, and it took about a year to accomplish. Many of our members have been with us from the very beginning when Long Island Pet Professionals, LLC, was formed in February of 2009—and for that I am incredibly grateful. The transition from Long Island Pet Professionals, LLC, to American Pet Professionals was a completely organic one, and a needed one, due to the requests from pet pros in the industry. It’s incredible.”