Liq Dog Treats, Krunch Air Crisps Reduce Prices to Fight Inflation

By Pet Age Staff//August 30, 2023//

Liq Dog Treats, Krunch Air Crisps Reduce Prices to Fight Inflation

By: Pet Age Staff//August 30, 2023//

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Press release: LIQ USA

In a contra-industry move, LIQ USA Inc, is lowering prices on their Liq and Krunch dog treats amidst nationwide price hikes. As of August 1st, the MSRP of Liq Lickable Dog Treats and Krunch Air Crisps will lower to $9.99, while maintaining 50 percent margins for retailers – a win-win for independent retailers and their customers.

“Since the launch of our brands in 2022, listening and learning from the Indie Retail Community has been our priority. And what good would listening do if action doesn’t follow,” said brand manager Kristen Buckles.

LIQ USA’s move to lower prices aims to ease some of the financial strain that inflation has placed on independent retailers along with their customers. In addition to new prices, LIQ USA is thrilled to reveal new Krunch packaging, with improved design and more fill, at Superzoo – a direct result of a year-long collaboration with independent stores.

Even amidst these improvements, Liq and Krunch remains true to their all-natural formulas, crafted with ingredients sourced almost entirely within the United States. LIQ USA Inc pledges to continue prioritizing quality and collaborating with independent retailers.

Lickable dog treats? Crunchable Air Crsips? Liq and Krunch bring you exciting new treating experiences serving happy and healthy. They’re committed to creating all-natural, low-calorie products so that you can feel good about your feel-good moments.