Life Care Group Inc. Launches Pet First Aid Kit

Pet Age Staff//February 22, 2019//

Life Care Group Inc. Launches Pet First Aid Kit

Pet Age Staff //February 22, 2019//

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Press release: Life Care Group Inc.

“When it comes to our pets, very few are prepared for emergencies,” said spokesperson Omar Malik of Life Care Group Inc. In response, to this issue, Life Care Group is launching the Pet First Aid Kit under its brand Paws 4 Life.

We are launching a premiere quality innovative Pet First Aid Kit in Canada geared towards dog and cat owners. This new comprehensive kit will offer pet owners with a “user-friendly guide”, covering the most common pet emergency topics and Pet First Aid Kit items. In addition, the company has plans to release “quick tip” online videos, which will provide step-by step instructions. The user guide will include friendly illustrations and content, which will also be available in e-book/ app format with hyper-links to the tutorial videos.

“We are proud to release our innovative products, empowering pet owners. Paws 4 Life will also release additional value added products it develops and manufactures,” concluded Malik, such as the Adventure Fanny Pack. This product offers the flexibility to wear it around one’s waist, while hiking or taking daily walks. This product offers Pet First Aid Essentials and compartments carry other pet items.

Paws 4 Life products will be available worldwide to global markets. For further information, please visit the company’s website.