LexaGene to Collaborate with Ethos Veterinary Health

Pet Age Staff//April 5, 2018//

LexaGene to Collaborate with Ethos Veterinary Health

Pet Age Staff //April 5, 2018//

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LexaGene Holdings Inc., a biotechnology company that develops instrumentation for pathogen detection, has entered into collaboration with Ethos Veterinary Health, a veterinary health company with hospitals across the U.S. that provide advanced medical care for pets. This partnership will provide canine urine samples to LexaGene for testing on the Company’s LX6 prototype for more effective, rapid and on-site pathogen detection. The samples have been previously characterized using conventional technologies (MALDI-TOF / mass spectrometry) at its reference laboratory.

“In the coming weeks, veterinarians at Ethos will send LexaGene clinical annotated samples for processing, which will allow our team to continue to fine-tune and perfect our pathogen detection prototype’s testing capabilities,” said Dr. Jack Regan, LexaGene CEO. “This process is vital as we improve sensitivity to different isolates. We expect this to be a long-lasting collaboration as we work together to bring the best product possible to the veterinary market.”

“We’ve recently performed a market assessment for LexaGene’s technology by interviewing many emergency and critical care veterinarians, and—coupled with an internal financial assessment of the cost of conventional testing versus LexaGene’s projected testing costs—the results argue strongly for adopting LexaGene’s technology once available,” added Dr. Chand Khanna, chief science officer, Ethos Veterinary Health. “We look forward to providing samples to LexaGene so that we can help them bring this product to market quickly and efficiently, ultimately enabling veterinarians to provide better care for clients in the near future.”


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