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Law Print Enters U.S. Pet Food Market with a Round of Applaws

Pet Age Staff//November 26, 2018//

Law Print Enters U.S. Pet Food Market with a Round of Applaws

Pet Age Staff //November 26, 2018//

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Press release: Law Print

When UK pet food brand Applaws embarked on their expansion into the North American market, they turned to Law Print to solve their packaging conundrum.

Applaws have built themselves a reputation for serving the highest quality natural ingredients that deliver good health and wellbeing for pets. However, with many brands making similar claims, it can often be difficult to stand out – especially when entering a new market.

Law Print, who are also expanding into the U.S. and Canada, were delighted to partner with Applaws. They were able to solve their packaging problem with transparency, utilizing innovative window gussets, and creative front-facing windows in the shape of each product’s main ingredient (chicken, fish, etc).

The result is an attractive packaging solution which offers assurance and openness to the consumer, while communicating the confidence and belief that Applaws have in their product. Law Print’s Sales Manager Luke Cummins said: “One of the biggest trends in food and pet food for 2018 is complete transparency, and brands are spotting the potential to demonstrate this through packaging. Whether it be clearer information on processes, sourcing and ingredients or a shift to more sustainable materials, packaging can be a great tool to build trust with the consumer.”

The new bags also feature a Pocket Zipper closure mechanism, one of the most consumer-friendly opening fixtures available, allowing the end user to easily open and reseal the packaging to preserve freshness.

MPM-owned Applaws’ new range is available from major retailers across the U.S., including both Pet Smart and Petco. The partnership with Applaws represents Law Print’s first step into the U.S. pet food market themselves. The UK-based flexible packaging supplier delivers around 150 million bags per year globally, and is currently in talks with a number of U.S. pet food manufacturers. They pride themselves on the service and expert knowledge they are able to provide, as well as their incredible customer retention rate of 96%.