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Kristen Levine Pet Living Launches New Program

Pet Age Staff//February 26, 2015//

Kristen Levine Pet Living Launches New Program

Pet Age Staff //February 26, 2015//

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Kristen Levine, president and founder of Kristen Levine Pet Living is launching her Pet Living 50+ marketing program, a pet and longevity market collaboration with Mary Furlong & Associates and Dog Bone Marketing Solutions. The new program aims to assist pet-positive companies in building brand loyalty and engagement with pet lovers, age 50-plus.

Baby Boomers are the largest and most affluent consumer segment and according to American Pet Products Association, they are also the fastest growing demographic of pet owners in the United States. Additionally, pet spending has risen significantly since 1997, as the eldest Boomers became empty-nesters. For this reason, pet industry marketing experts cite Boomers as generous contributors to the triple digit boom in pet spending over the past 15 years, from $17 billion in 1997 to upwards of $60 billion in 2014.

“There’s a distinct parallel between the lifestyle changes encountered by Americans age 50-plus and the physical, mental and social benefits to be gained through pet parenting,” said Levine. “Having a pet companion can enhance positive Boomer lifestyle experiences and mitigate stresses of the challenging ones.”

Levine and her partners in the initiative intend for the program to bring pet-centric and the Boomer, senior, and caregiving markets together for mutual benefits and opportunity.

Pet Living 50+ will leverage the collective experience of Levine, Mary Furlong and Beke Lubeach (Dog Bone Marketing Solutions) and their connections in both the pet and aging arenas, in order to save companies valuable time and introduce them to key players and opportunities within the industry. The annual program features strategic collaborations in this marketplace and a variety of opportunities to help pet-positive companies better understand, strategize, and connect with the Boomer audience, including industry and special events, learning and networking, private client events, a monthly Pet Living 50+ marketing e-brief as well as custom programs.

“According to AARP, Americans age 50-plus control a whopping 80 percent of all net worth,” says Levine. “With the amount this demographic spends on their pets, natural overlaps exist in both markets. I can’t think of many companies that can afford to ignore the Boomer demographic.”

Levine has experience with the demographic herself, as she currently writes a Boomer-centric travel series for FIDO Friendly Magazine and was a featured presenter at the What’s Next Boomer Business Summit, The Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit, and the AARP Life@50 Expo.