Kent Pet Group Supports Human-Animal Bond Research

Pet Age Staff//January 26, 2018//

Kent Pet Group Supports Human-Animal Bond Research

Pet Age Staff //January 26, 2018//

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The Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) announced that Kent Pet Group, makers of World’s Best Cat Litter, has become an official supporter of HABRI and its research on the human health benefits of companion animals.

“Kent Pet Group is proud to support HABRI and its mission to advance human-animal bond research,” Kent Pet Group President Michael Eversmeyer said. “Kent Pet Group understands the importance of advancing science and uses scientific innovation every day to discover new ways to use natural ingredients and develop better pet products. Supporting the science behind the human-animal bond made perfect sense.”

“By making a cat litter that is more absorbent, flushable and lightweight—convenient for all cat owners, from millennials in high rise apartments to elderly pet owners who experience difficulty lifting heavy objects—Kent Pet Group is a great example of how producing pet care products that make it easier to take good care of our pets can help strengthen the human-animal bond,” said Steven Feldman, executive director of HABRI. “By supporting HABRI, Kent Pet Group is taking its commitment to the human-animal bond a step further.”

Scientific evidence increasingly shows that pets improve heart health, alleviate depression, increase well-being, support child health and development, and contribute to healthy aging. In addition, companion animals can assist in the treatment of a broad range of conditions from post-traumatic stress to Alzheimer’s disease to autism spectrum disorder.

The benefits of the human-animal bond impact more than just human health. Findings from a recent HABRI survey of 2,000 pet owners demonstrate that knowledge of the scientific research on the human-animal bond motivates pet owners to take better care of their pets. From providing pets with higher quality nutrition to more frequent visits to the veterinarian, spreading awareness of the health benefits of pet ownership improves pet health and welfare.

“Kent Pet Group is especially excited to support HABRI’s newest research projects focused on the positive impacts of cat adoption for families with children with Autism and of shelter cat fostering for elderly people living alone,” said Jean Broders, senior brand manager for World’s Best Cat Litter. “World’s Best Cat Litter will continue to make it easier to care for our feline friends by providing high-quality cat litter so that cat owners can focus on benefitting from a loving relationship with their cats.”