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Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, Canidae Partner for Sustain the Goodness Campaign

Glenn Polyn//April 13, 2021//

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, Canidae Partner for Sustain the Goodness Campaign

Glenn Polyn //April 13, 2021//

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Press release: Canidae

Canidae, a premium pet food company, today announced a partnership with Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, animal advocate and New York Times bestselling author, for the launch of its new Sustain the Goodness campaign and environmentally friendly alternative pet food line, Canidae Sustain, in preparation for Earth Day 2021This initiative perfectly exemplifies Canidae‘s pursuit to improve the lives of pets and their people and investment in creating a healthier planet for pets and people to play on. Sustain the Goodness is one of many steps Canidae is taking to deliver goodness to all: pets, people and the planet.

Schwarzenegger Pratt’s new involvement with the brand is fitting, as she is known for her involvement with animal rights and advocacy as well as for her environmentally cautious lifestyle. She was intrigued by Canidae’s dedication to the environment and commitment to producing premium, responsibly-sourced recipes full of goodness for pets and their people. As a devoted dog parent herself, Schwarzenegger is dedicated to providing her dog Maverick with quality, nutritious food, such as Canidae Sustain, which is made with responsibly sourced proteins and regeneratively farmed ingredients. Sustain’s eco-friendly packaging is also made from 40% post-consumer-recycled material.

“In feeding my dog Canidae Sustain, I can trust that he is receiving all of the nutrition he needs, standing by their mission to bring goodness to pets, people and their planet,” said Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt. “I love that Canidae Sustain’s ingredients use sustainably sourced proteins like cage-free chicken and up-cycled brewer’s yeast and also include regeneratively farmed ingredients where possible.  I am looking forward to taking this pledge and spreading the word for Canidae’s Sustain the Goodness initiative, encouraging others to adopt one new habit to help us sustain the goodness of our planet.”

As part of Canidae’s Sustain the Goodness campaign, Katherine as well as the Goodness Crew, a group of animal and sustainability ambassadors including actress Kate Bosworth and vegan culinary entrepreneur Miyoko Schinner, have been tapped by the brand to participate in and promote their sustainability pledge. They are inviting people to make a promise to commit to one small act of goodness for a more sustainable earth (examples: pledge to clean up energy, travel green, watch waste, be water wise, etc.) People can take the pledge by posting a photo of an act they’re doing to be more sustainable or they can repost their favorite sustainable tip from Katherine or the Goodness Crew’s Instagram with the hashtag #SustainTheGoodness and tagging @Canidaepetfood. Canidae will select four weekly sweepstakes winners, and will choose one grand prize winner who will receive a year’s supply of Canidae Sustain for their pet, along with a year of sustainably-sourced pantry items and kitchen staples from sustainable grocery delivery service, Hungry Harvest.

“As a premium pet food company that stands for delivering goodness to all, Canidae Sustain embodies all aspects of sustainability, from a solely plant-based recipe to ecofriendly packaging” says Bret Furio, CEO at Canidae. “With the launch of the Sustain line, we know Katherine, embodying Canidae’s mission, will be the ideal face for Sustain the Goodness, teaching her community the importance that small changes can make a large impact on our ecological footprint, such changes start with feeding pets sustainably sourced, quality pet food.”