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Jolly Pets Unveils Brand Refresh to Enhance Commitment to Quality Toys, Play Experiences

By Pet Age Staff//April 4, 2024//

Jolly Pets Unveils Brand Refresh to Enhance Commitment to Quality Toys, Play Experiences

By: Pet Age Staff//April 4, 2024//

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Jolly Pets, a leading provider of innovative and durable pet toys, is excited to announce its highly anticipated brand refresh. The comprehensive brand update includes a fresh, new logo and captivating packaging designs, aimed at further enhancing the company’s commitment to quality, creativity and pet-centric play experiences.

With three decades of success in the pet industry, Jolly Pets has continuously pushed the boundaries of pet toy design, offering engaging and durable products that pets and their owners adore. The brand refresh aims to embody the company’s mission to bring joy, fun and excitement into the lives of pets around the world.

Jolly Pets president Christopher Temple expressed his enthusiasm for the brand’s new look.

“At Jolly Pets, our dedication to providing pets with the best play experiences has been unwavering for over 30 years. The refreshed logo and packaging symbolizes our ongoing innovation and quality in the pet industry. We believe this evolution will not only resonate with our existing customers, but also captivate new ones who share our passion for bringing joy to pets worldwide,” Temple stated.

The new logo represents Jolly Pets’ evolution as a brand while paying homage to its roots. The fresh design presents a lively and modernized interpretation that captures pets’ limitless enjoyment and playful experiences.

To complement the logo update, Jolly Pets developed eye-catching packaging to capture the attention of pet owners and showcases the brand’s quality and innovation. Featuring vibrant colors, engaging imagery, and informative content, the revamped packaging makes it easier for customers to identify and select the perfect toy for their furry companions.

Louisa Casto, marketing director of Jolly Pets, shared her excitement on the transformation.

“This redesign reflects our commitment to continuously improving and delighting our customers. With our new logo and packaging, we aim to capture the essence of Jolly Pets – delivering products that not only withstand rigorous play but also ignite joy and happiness in pets’ lives,” she said.