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Jiminy’s Hops onto the Scene at Global Pet Expo

Pet Age Staff//March 20, 2018//

Jiminy’s Hops onto the Scene at Global Pet Expo

Pet Age Staff //March 20, 2018//

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At Global Pet Expo, Jiminy’s will introduce its line of sustainable dog treats, which can be seen in the New Product Showcase and in Booth 6172.

Jiminy’s makes dog treats that are nutritious, humane and truly sustainable. What makes these treats sustainable? They’re made with cricket protein! Crickets are a sustainable superfood using exponentially less land, water and feed than traditional protein sources while delivering the same whole protein amino acids that are required for a healthy diet. Jiminy’s treats nourish pets and promote long-term stewardship of the earth.

“While we generally knew that our dog treats are environmentally superior to traditional protein alternatives, we wanted to quantify just how much better we really are,” Jiminy’s founder and CEO Anne Carlson said. “To do that, we partnered with Carbon Credit Capital in New York to measure the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our products’ ingredients and ingredient procurement.”

This is also known as a ‘cradle-to-manufacture’ life cycle assessment.

“We are pleased to report that Jiminy’s initial hypotheses were confirmed,” commented Reed Shapiro, director at Carbon Credit Capital. “Not only does Jiminy’s provide more nutrition per gram of treat and consume substantially less water, but they also emit an average of 7.4 times less greenhouse gas than beef protein treats, and 2.3 times less greenhouse gas than chicken protein treats.”

“We’re so proud that we are actually reducing the ‘carbon pawprint’ of our dogs with Jiminy’s,” Carlson said. “Pet parents can feel great about giving their dogs these treats. It’s good for the earth. The puppies love it. Wagging tails all around!”