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Intersand Cat Litter Producer Expands Operations, to Open US Headquarters

Glenn Polyn//January 7, 2021//

Intersand Cat Litter Producer Expands Operations, to Open US Headquarters

Glenn Polyn //January 7, 2021//

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Press release: Intersand

Intersand president and CEO Stéphane Chevigny announced today the expansion of its North American manufacturing footprint by opening a new U.S. Headquarters in Windsor, Colorado. This rail-served production and distribution facility marks an important expansion in the U.S. market for the global cat litter producer, allowing for increased supply chain efficiency to support growing North American, and also international demand.

“This impressive new facility provides us a key U.S. distribution hub to serve our rapidly expanding markets, particularly our growth in the U.S., while also creating timely, local jobs,” Chevigny said. “It’s an exciting, complimentary plant to our current facilities in Canada and offers us the opportunity to keep increasing the innovation and digital transformation of all of our plants. Projects like this are mobilizing for our customers, our employees and our industry.”

Additionally, the state-of-the-art, fully automated facility uses next generation operating systems with advanced manufacturing technology, developed in-house, jointly by Intersand and partners.

“This plant, in addition to being at the cutting edge of technology, is the result of 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of animal hygiene products,” said Francis Robert, vice president of operations at Intersand. “It’s not simply technologically advanced; it incorporates all the improvements that Intersand Group employees wanted to see in the mothership facility to ensure operational excellence. This new industrial tool will allow us to reach the next level in customer value proposition.”

Located in Great Western Industrial Park (GWIP) in Colorado, the new facility provides a strategic geographic presence within the U.S., near the Wyoming main sources of bentonite clay, enhancing raw material supply chain efficiency. Furthermore, the facility’s rail service and connection to Class I railroads by Great Western Railway of Colorado (GWR), operated by OmniTRAX, Inc., provide safe, efficient and environmentally friendly transportation of raw materials and completed products – a priority for the environmentally conscious company.

“This site is a turning point in the cat litter industry! In complement of the high-level automation, this new facility comes with unique energy conservation systems. Each element designed specifically to maximize production, while maintaining high standards in energy conservation,” added Robert. “Those first-class standards include intelligent ventilation, lighting to exceptional measures, protocols developed to ensure employee safety and more. No detail was overlooked in the planning, development and execution phases of this project.”

“We are thankful for all of the partnerships that helped us complete this project so successfully,” Chevigny stated. “Our mission is to cater the needs of cat lovers everywhere, and this expansion marks an exciting time for the company. This will allow us to better serve our customers here in the U.S.A. and abroad.”

Founded in 1992 in Canada, Intersand is a leading producer of ultra-premium cat litter selling into over 47 countries through multiple channels. Perhaps best known in the pet specialty channel for their award-winning, premium cat litter with patented technology, OdorLock is the top-selling mineral cat litter neutralizes and controls urine and feces odors unlike any other litter in the market.