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International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA) Addresses Canine Respiratory Illness

Glenn Polyn//January 18, 2024//

International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA) Addresses Canine Respiratory Illness

Glenn Polyn //January 18, 2024//

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Press release: IBPSA

The International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA) is actively addressing the recent outbreak of a mysterious canine respiratory illness, which was first identified in Oregon and appears to have spread to other states. Members of IBPSA, including pet boarding and daycare facilities, are implementing robust measures to protect the health and well-being of pets under their care while providing peace of mind for pet owners.

“While reports of the ‘mystery canine respiratory illness’ continued in the news, IBPSA Members demonstrated that they were prepared and ready to provide top-quality professional care,” said Carmen Rustenbeck, founder and CEO of IBPSA. “We are proud of our Member facilities as they have continued to work to ensure that the pets in their care not only had a safe, disease-free stay, but also had a fun experience in a caring environment over the holiday season. IBPSA pet boarding facilities are open for business and ready to care for your pet while you are at work or on a much-needed vacation.”

To prevent infected dogs from entering their facilities, IBPSA Members are rigorously adhering to the pet care industry’s established intake protocols, including: verifying that vaccines are up to date; conducting snout-to-tail examinations, which allows the pet care provider to check for visible symptoms of coughing, sneezing, discharge from the eyes or nose, or unusual lethargy; having a conversation with pet parents about the health of their pets; and ensuring that emergency contacts and veterinarian choice are listed on each pet’s intake paperwork.

In addition to intake protocols, IBPSA Member boarding facilities use cleaning products and protocols that ensure the safety of the pets in their care, such as frequent handwashing for staff members working with multiple pets. If a pet shows signs of any illness, protocols include isolation of the pet, calling the owner or emergency contact to come pick up the pet and if need be, taking the pet to the veterinarian on file.

The International Boarding & Pet Services Association also encourages pet owners to be proactive about safeguarding their pets’ health. For instance, keeping pets up to date on all vaccinations is key; the American Animal Hospital Association offers an excellent guide to which vaccinations are currently recommended for dogs.

“IBPSA encourages pet owners to contact their veterinarian before socializing their pets or booking pets into a boarding/daycare facility, especially if there are any concerns about their pets’ health,” said Rustenbeck. “IBPSA Members follow veterinarian vaccine recommendations and are proactive in the health and safety of the pets in their care, always having the well-being of pets as their utmost priority.”

Pet owners should contact their veterinarians immediately if they notice any unusual symptoms. Time is of the essence with any upper respiratory infection – the sooner it is identified, the better the possible outcome tends to be. Additionally, when taking pets to dog parks or allowing them to socialize outside the boarding/daycare environment, owners should be mindful of other pets’ behaviors. If they exhibit symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, or discharge from the eyes or nose, owners should consider removing their pets from the situation in order to reduce the risk of infection.

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