Insect-Based Nutrition: Industry Experts Wathne, Pauli Join Protix Advisory Board

Glenn Polyn//July 20, 2022//

Insect-Based Nutrition: Industry Experts Wathne, Pauli Join Protix Advisory Board

Glenn Polyn //July 20, 2022//

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Press release: Protix

Protix, the leading company in insect ingredients for feed and food, is scaling its international business and creating growth within the insect industry. To assist the company growth, special advisers Einar Wathne and Bert Pauli are joining the advisory board. The company is delighted that these highly regarded specialists will bring in their valuable input and insights also in the next stage of its journey. Wathne will bring his unparalleled expertise in aquaculture to the table, while Pauli will help to oversee regulatory matters and complex stakeholder management.

Protix is unique in providing insect ingredients on an industrial scale to feed, food and fertilizer manufacturers. The company harnesses the black soldier fly’s remarkable capacity to quickly turn low-grade food waste into valuable nutrients such as proteins and fats. The company was the first to explore the idea of insect-based nutrition, a category that Protix was instrumental in establishing. Since 2009, Protix has invested in developing insect ingredients and building up the industry from scratch. With its world-leading facility built in 2019, the company now supports many global leading brands and industrial manufacturers in their endeavours to deliver healthy and more sustainable products.

From the outset, the company has worked in collaboration with forward-thinking partners to bring its vision to life and build technologies and applications that were previously non-existent. Insect-based nutrition was a totally new concept, and Protix soon realised that mega-topics such as sustainability, health and welfare are most effectively tackled through a ‘stronger together’ approach. As a result, the company has always focused on forging strong contacts and bringing together experts from many different disciplines.

Kees Aarts, CEO and founder of Protix, said: “We are very excited that Einar Wathne and Bert Pauli are providing us with advice and support in our ambitious growth plans. We are confident their in-depth knowledge, network and experience is a real asset in navigating our company through the next phase. With these two seasoned leaders and experts, we will be able to roll out our plans even better and faster.”

Wathne is the former CEO of EWOS and president of Cargill Aqua Nutrition, a long-time leader in the aquaculture industry. He is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Biosciences at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) and also sits on the board of directors of salmon farmer Bakkafrost, growth companies like Blue Lice AS, and C-feed AS and is chairman of NCE Seafood Cluster AS and Nutrimar Holding AS. He looks forward to supporting Protix in doing the right things well in the aqua industry that is renowned for its efficiency and R&D-driven growth.

“The farming expertise, and the technological and commercial nature of Protix are unique in the world and will be a critical success factor in bringing this new category of nutrition to the aquaculture industry,” said Wathne. “I look forward to helping to drive their long-term impact in this exciting industry.”

Pauli and Protix worked together between 2013 and 2019, generating major successes in deregulating the insect-based nutrition industry. Pauli will support the company’s development mainly in the areas of complex stakeholder management, international regulatory affairs and national & municipal interests.

“Creating an industry is no easy task,” said Pauli. “It demands innovation on all aspects: from biology to technology to regulation. Protix has proven its ability to drive multistakeholder dialogue through its transparent and motivating agenda and vision. I look forward to continuing to support them in the scale-up phase. Close collaboration with different stakeholders on an international scale will be crucial, and I am pleased to contribute with my expertise in that area.”


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