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Innovet Pet Joins Ithaca Community In Supporting Future Veterinarians

Pet Age Staff//January 17, 2020//

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Innovet Pet Joins Ithaca Community In Supporting Future Veterinarians

Pet Age Staff //January 17, 2020//

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Press release: Innovet Pet

In November 2019, Innovet Pet joined hands with the Ithaca community in helping raise $12,220 for Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine’s SAVMA Auction. Innovet Pet has garnered significant buzz in the pet world with their products that put personalized healthcare into pet owners’ hands.

Cornell University says generous contributions, such as Innovet’s, help ensure students are able to take part in important educational activities that give them the best chance for success in their veterinary careers. In particular, the university says they plan to use the $12,220 to pay for the overwhelming majority of the costs of attending this spring’s national veterinary educational symposium, SAVMA Symposium. At the event, students are given the opportunity to experience veterinary medicine at the national level, meet and network with future colleagues and share and learn ideas from some of the world-renowned veterinarians in the field.

“We are so honored to have worked with the Ithaca community, Cornell University and their bright students,” says Innovet’s co-founder Dave Louvet. “We’re dedicated to our mission in helping animals everywhere get the proper care they deserve. In doing so, we’ve created several innovative products, but it’s important to know that at-home care can only go so far. This makes veterinarians a key part of our pets’ lives. By ensuring our future veterinarians get the best college experience possible, we’re taking another step in giving pets around the world a better life.”

Cornell University couldn’t agree more, saying events like SAVMA Symposium couldn’t happen without contributions from those like Innovet Pet. That’s why Innovet Pet says they hope that in leading by example, they can inspire and show other pet owners how they can get involved in their communities to help the pets out. 2019 was a big year for Innovet Pet, who made several donations to different animal causes, including The LA Dog Cafe, but the company says they’re dedicated to making 2020 an even bigger and more generous year.