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Independent Pet Supply Launches New Southern California Division

Glenn Polyn//February 3, 2023//

Independent Pet Supply Launches New Southern California Division

Glenn Polyn //February 3, 2023//

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Press release: Independent Pet Supply

Independent Pet Supply (IPS), a pet product distributor based in Snohomish, Washington, serves the Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana markets. The distributor recently announced that it has expanded into the Southern California market, which will be run by Independent Pet Supply South, a division of IPS. This new division will be headed by co-owners Mike Rouhizad and Matt Wolf.

IPS is extremely excited to be able to expand its distribution channel into the Southern California market. This is an important step in the growth of IPS, and it enhances the company’s capabilities to service more brands and serve more customers, says Neda Khorami founder/co-owner of IPS and IPS South. 

“It was important for us to continue with our philosophy of giving world class customer service, and having high fill rates, but not at the expense of not being present in that market as owners, and not fulfilling our 28-year philosophy. So we held off expansion into California market for a number of years, until we figured out a way that we had owners physically present in the market to take care of business in only the way that IPS knows how,” said Keya Khorami, president and/co-owner of IPS and IPS South. “Eight months ago, we were talking about expansion, and Mike Rouhizad told us that he wanted to get back into the pet industry with his childhood friend Matt Wolf, and this is how IPS South was born.” 

The family-owned company expansion will give California retailers more options to choose from, as IPS is relentlessly searching for the healthiest pet foods, innovative treats and niche products to share with our retail partners.

“This is what Independent Pet Supply is all about, and has been doing for the past 28 years,” said Neda Khorami. “Our expansion will make us a more robust distributor, servicing a wider customer base, adding more products to our portfolio and introducing new products into the market to serve our retail partners so they can compete with the big box stores and online retailers, and we want to help with that.” 

Independent Pet Supply South is carrying such brands as SquarePet, Canine Caviar, LIX, Inaba, Wigzi, Yeowww! Catnip and Barking Buddha/Natural Cravings, to name just a few.

“IPS understands the work it takes to grow food lines, that’s why we are called pioneers, because we do just that,pioneer brands, and we are very good at it,” said Neda Khorami. “The secret to our success is being knowledgeable in the products we carry. Visiting retailers with our vendor partners to answer any questions they many have is an important factor to the growth of the lines we carry.” 

According to Rouhizad, IPS South’s annual open house will “showcase all the amazing lines we carry, and we also participate in store events.”