Hungarian National Team Wins 2021 Dog Puller World Championship

Glenn Polyn//October 21, 2021//

Hungarian National Team Wins 2021 Dog Puller World Championship

Glenn Polyn //October 21, 2021//

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Press release: COLLAR Company 

The 2021 Dog Puller World Championship took place on October 16 and 17 in a new, online format.

In the online format, this year’s national teams competed in their own countries, streamed live, and the international referee team scored the participants. 

A total of 125 sport couples (people and dogs) from nine countries showed off their Dog Puller mastery this year. There were eight national teams from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia, and 18 individual couples among them. Participants competed in six categories: Micro, Mini, Midi, Maxi, Drive and Heavyweight.

At the end of the competition, the Hungarian national team was named the World Champion for this year, gaining a total of 19 points.

Individual multi-champions were:

  • Ika Ivani (Slovenia) and Valkyrie — Micro category
  • Vitalii Malyutyak (Ukraine) and Mr. Butch — Mini category
  • Viktória Ács (Hungary) and Fityisz — Midi category
  • Svetlana Gorohova (Russia) and Osia — Maxi category
  • Victoria Shpigun (Ukraine) and Abelia — Drive category
  • Łukasz Węgrzyn (Poland) and Rambo — Heavyweight

“Everything went well, in general,” said Varvara Petrenko, president of the International Federation of Dog Puller, regarding the championship event. “My overall impression of the championship is positive. We will work on the new format, take into consideration all the nuances and proposals, and will elevate it to a new level [next year].”