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Honeywell Unveils Innovative Bottles, Vials for Oral Liquid and Sterile Injectables

Glenn Polyn//June 12, 2020//

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Honeywell Unveils Innovative Bottles, Vials for Oral Liquid and Sterile Injectables

Glenn Polyn //June 12, 2020//

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Press release: Honeywell

Honeywell recently announced Aclar Edge, an innovative pharmaceutical packaging solution for oral liquids for human health and sterile injectables for animal health applications. Designed with Honeywell’s novel and proprietary multi-layer extrusion blow molding technology, Aclar Edge bottles and vials preserve shelf-life and efficacy for a large variety of challenging liquid dosage forms while significantly improving user safety during the handling and administration.

Aclar Edge bottles and vials provide a moisture barrier performance that is comparable with glass and an enhanced oxygen barrier compared to other polymeric containers. In addition, Aclar Edge offers impact resistance and up to 75% weight reduction versus glass. Aclar Edge offers significant operational advantages by eliminating glass breakage, minimizing drug particulate contamination and reducing transportation cost. And unlike most plastic bottles used for liquids, Aclar Edge significantly reduces the risk of leachables from the container closure systems.

“Glass bottles pose many challenges to the pharmaceutical industry as they are susceptible to cracking and breaking, inorganic leachables, and glass particulates. Aclar Edge is a novel technology that overcomes these issues and can improve drug product stability, purity and ultimately patient safety,” said Kori Anderson, General Manager, Healthcare Packaging, at Honeywell.

Aclar Edge bottles and vials range in sizes from 100 ml to 500 ml and can be configured in threaded or crimped finish; commercial production will start in Q4 2020 for non-sterilized or gamma-sterilized formats. Pre-production samples of Aclar Edge are available now for customer evaluation.

For more than three decades, Honeywell’s solutions and services have helped the world’s leading drug manufacturers and biomedical firms enhance operations and build more effective, profitable businesses and improve patients’ lives. Honeywell’s cutting-edge technologies, specialty chemicals and advanced materials help create the future of medicine and medical devices, improve information transparency and tracking to support timely, accurate and safe healthcare delivery, and streamline manufacturing and distribution of medical products to patients.

Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies (PMT) develops process technologies, automation solutions, advanced materials and industrial software that are transforming industries around the world. PMT’s Advanced Materials businesses manufacture a wide variety of high-performance products including environmentally preferable materials used for the production of refrigerants, blowing agents, aerosols and solvents, pharmaceutical packaging, fine chemicals, additives and high strength-fiber for military, law enforcement and industrial use. Technologies developed by Honeywell UOP, a leading provider in the oil and gas sector, form the foundation for most of the world’s refiners, efficiently producing gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, petrochemicals and renewable fuels. Honeywell Process Solutions is a pioneering provider of automation control, safety systems, field instrumentation, fuel delivery and burners, connected plant offerings, cybersecurity, tissue and packaging materials control systems, connected utility and metering solutions, and services for a wide range of industries.