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Hofseth BioCare ASA Names VP of Marketing North America

Glenn Polyn//July 21, 2020//

Hofseth BioCare ASA Names VP of Marketing North America

Glenn Polyn //July 21, 2020//

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Press release: Brilliant Salmon Oil

Hofseth BioCare ASA, makers of 100% Norwegian and human-grade Brilliant Salmon Oil for pets, is pleased to name Teodor Strand-Johansen as Vice President of Marketing North America. Teodor Strand-Johansen offers Hofseth BioCare ASA a dynamic combination of experience from the seafood industry as well as finance across the European, Scandinavian, and now North American markets. In his role at Hofseth BioCare ASA supporting the company’s North American launch and expansion of Brilliant Salmon Oil across the U.S. and Canada, Strand-Johansen will lead Brilliant’s brand, marketing, and social media engagement strategies.

As an international biotechnology company, Hofseth BioCare ASA proudly attributes Brilliant Salmon Oil’s success to not only using the best raw materials on the planet, but also to working in partnership with some of the world’s most cutting-edge scientists. Teodor’s marketing leadership role is helping to educate and engage retailers and pet-parents (consumers) alike about the incredible benefits of Brilliant Salmon Oil. Hofseth BioCare not only offers the highest quality marine ingredients to the North American market, but they are committed to also delivering exceptional customer service and support to their customers every day.

“As a genuine seafood enthusiast from Norway, with an inherent belief in sustainability and optimal utilization of natural resources, it makes me proud to represent Hofseth BioCare and our growing line of products created precisely on these values,” Strand-Johansen said. “At Brilliant Salmon Oil, listening to the customer, learning, adapting and finding the optimal solutions is our number one priority. Sustainable products and satisfied customers are everything to us and I am thrilled to be a part of a prestigious globally recognized company committed to sustainability and pet health innovation.”