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Hill’s Partners with Actress Cecily Strong, PetSmart Charities to Encourage Senior Pet Adoption

By Pet Age Staff//May 21, 2024//

Hill’s Partners with Actress Cecily Strong, PetSmart Charities to Encourage Senior Pet Adoption

By: Pet Age Staff//May 21, 2024//

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Pet parents may fear their pets’ aging — because “growing old” is associated with slowing down and losing some of the spirit and vibrancy that makes them special. That’s why Hill’s Pet Nutrition recently announced it is teaming up with actress and senior pet owner Cecily Strong to shine the spotlight on aging pets to show how, with the right outlook and the support of proper veterinary care and nutrition, we can help improve senior pets’ ability to get up and go.

“I adopted my dog Lucy 10 years ago, and she has brought so much joy to my life. While it’s sometimes hard to accept she’s now a senior dog, I also find such joy in helping her stay healthy and happy as she ages,” said Strong. “I am proud to team up with Hill’s Pet Nutrition to help shine the light on our senior pets and how we can best support them as they age.”

“The Garfield Movie” showcases the various life stages of pets, from kittens to seniors, and sheds light on the challenges pets without homes face. Strong, who voices security guard Marge in the movie, is an advocate for pet adoption and shares a love for senior pets. To illustrate how senior pets can still “strut” their stuff and live bolder lives even as they age, Strong walked the orange carpet at the movie premiere with adoptable senior pets from Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love program partners Vanderpump Dogs and Pasadena Humane.

“The pets at ‘The Garfield Movie’ premiere help us see that senior pets can live life to the fullest no matter their age,” said Caroline Chulick, senior vice president of U.S. marketing at Hill’s Pet Nutrition. “There are many senior pets in shelters who are ready for that same opportunity and to provide unconditional love to the families they join. If you are in a position to adopt, consider opening your heart and home to a senior pet in a shelter.”

Across the nation, animal shelters are coping with overcrowding, and some of the most overlooked pets include seniors. Senior pets often spend the longest time at shelters due to hesitations with adopting older pets. However, many of these pets have calm, loving demeanors, require little training and may make for loyal companions.

To encourage people to consider adopting a senior pet, Hill’s will donate up to $100,000 to PetSmart Charities to cover a portion of the adoption fees for every pet adopted at PetSmart Adoption Centers from now through May 26. Hill’s and PetSmart Charities aim to help 5,000 pets get adopted this week, with a special focus on helping senior pets find loving homes.

“We are excited to work alongside Hill’s Pet Nutrition to help many deserving senior pets find homes,” said Heidi Marston, director of pet placement at PetSmart Charities. “Senior pets are often overlooked in favor of younger dogs and cats, but I know firsthand of the love, gratitude and warmth they bring to their people. Whatever age of pet is most ideal for your family, we know caring for pets at any stage of their lives enriches yours.”