Helping Pets: PureBites Donates 1.1M Treats, Toppers to Animal Shelters

Glenn Polyn//October 26, 2022//

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Helping Pets: PureBites Donates 1.1M Treats, Toppers to Animal Shelters

Glenn Polyn //October 26, 2022//

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Press release: PureBites

PureBites, a leading brand of natural dog and cat treats, food and toppers, is pleased to announce several donations totaling $130,000 as part of its ongoing Helping Pets initiative. In total, this donation will provide dogs and cats in need with over 1.1 million treats, mixers and toppers. The donations were spread across
North America to The Toronto Humane Society, PAWS Chicago and Paw Partners Unleashed.

“We’ve had the pleasure of giving back to local communities every year since I have been part of the Pure Treats family” says Stuart Menten, director of marketing at Pure Treats Inc. the makers of PureBites dog and cat treats, food, and toppers. “As many pet parents have felt the heart-warming presence a furry loved one can have these past few years, we wanted to help cats and dogs finding, or staying in, their forever homes. This year’s donation includes our one ingredient raw freeze dried treats, gently air-dried jerky treats, wet mixers/toppers, and our wet pates for dogs and cats.”

PureBites is committed to supporting the shelters who continue to find placements for pets and in helping keep their tummies full.

“On behalf of Toronto Humane Society I would like to thank PureBites for their generous donation of food towards our food bank program.” said Willow Tambakis, corporate partnership specialist at Toronto Humane Society. “This donation has helped families facing financial difficulties remain with their pets strengthening the human-animal bond within our community.”

PureBites also donated to Paw Partners Unleashed in southern Nevada. “PureBites’ very generous donation of products to Paw Partners Unleashed and our rescue partners at the SuperZoo show has made such a tremendous impact for dogs and cats throughout Southern Nevada” explains Eileen Jones, President and Founder. “We are able to provide over 50 partner animal organizations with healthy food, toppers, and treats for animals in their care. The money saved with these donations helps our rescue partners allocate their funds towards doing what they do best, saving more lives. Thank you for helping us help animals in need.”

PureBites also partnered with PAWS Chicago to help with their Pet Food Pantry program. PAWS Chicago’s Pet Food Pantry provides free food & supplies to Chicago communities existing in a pet food desert. Last year, the Pantry distributed 24,000 pounds of food in Chicago’s most underserved neighborhoods, helping to help keep their furriest family members happy, fed and at home.


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