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Heart + Paw Celebrates Anniversary, Launches Innovative App, Referral Program

By Pet Age Staff//October 5, 2023//

Heart + Paw Celebrates Anniversary, Launches Innovative App, Referral Program

By: Pet Age Staff//October 5, 2023//

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Press release: Heart + Paw

Heart + Paw, the revolutionary multi-service pet care company that has been setting the gold standard in veterinary care since its inception in September 2018, proudly marks its 5th anniversary. Throughout its journey, Heart + Paw has remained committed to “continuous improvement,” resulting in five years of consistent growth and innovation that have redefined the pet care industry.

Heart + Paw’s unwavering dedication to raising the bar in pet care is evident in their substantial investments in advanced diagnostic technologies. This commitment to excellence has paved the way for the company to offer best-in-class care to its patients. These investments include state-of-the-art surgery suites equipped with cutting-edge monitoring equipment, leading-edge radiology and ultrasound machines, cytology machines, dental suites, and more. These tools empower Heart + Paw’s veterinary team to provide timely information and develop immediate, comprehensive treatment plans, eliminating the need for multiple appointments, invasive procedures, or long waiting times.

As a company deeply ingrained in the communities they serve, Heart + Paw’s passion for making a positive impact is palpable. From day one, Heart + Paw has fostered a culture of community engagement, understanding that pets are not just companions but rather a beloved part of the family. Through various outreach programs, partnerships with local shelters, and educational initiatives, Heart + Paw strives to enhance the well-being of pets and pet parents alike. Their devotion to serving the communities they’re a part of underscores their genuine care and belief in the power of building strong bonds that extend far beyond the clinic doors.

At the heart of Heart + Paw’s exceptional pet care experience are their dedicated veterinarians and staff, who hold a passion for delivering low-stress, high-quality care to their community. Heart + Paw’s distinctive approach to care delivery stems from their veterinary-led operations model, which encourages veterinarians to make informed decisions that align with their commitment to excellence, all while being surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded professionals.

In conjunction with their 5th-anniversary celebration, Heart + Paw is excited to introduce their all-new mobile app and referral program. Designed in-house by Heart + Paw’s team, the app is a testament to the company’s dedication to empowering pet parents to take an active role in their pets’ health. The app offers unparalleled convenience and accessibility, allowing pet parents to manage their pet’s health and wellness from anywhere. Key features of the app include:

  • Easy Booking: Quickly find nearby Heart + Paw locations, book various services, review upcoming and past appointment details, and more. From veterinary care to grooming and dog daycare, all services are seamlessly integrated under one roof and can all be booked via the app.
  • Veterinary and Vaccine Records: Review and download important pet records such as vaccine certificates, weight, lab reports, medications, and invoices.
  • Pet Profile: Manage individual profiles for each pet, complete with vital information and the option to upload personal photos for that extra touch of customization.
  • Pet Parent Resources: Easily access Heart + Paw’s extensive blog content, providing answers to common questions that arise throughout every stage of pet parenthood.

“Heart + Paw’s new app is a game-changer for pet parents,” says Dave Lasus, CEO of Heart + Paw. “We understand the deep bond between pets and their families, and our app reflects that understanding. It provides a seamless way for pet parents to access essential pet care services, manage their pet’s health records, and stay connected with our team, all from the palm of their hand. It’s an embodiment of our commitment to delivering exceptional care in the most convenient and compassionate way possible.”

A new Referral Program has also been designed to encourage current clients to share their love for Heart + Paw with their friends and build a thriving community within the Heart + Paw family. To facilitate this exciting initiative, Heart + Paw has made significant advancements to their technology and platforms. They have taken into account various considerations, including updates to online booking, the current patient portal, and the new mobile app, to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for both referrers and referees. The program will incentivise current clients and new clients with exciting credits to use during their visits to Heart + Paw.

Heart + Paw’s focus on innovation was further demonstrated with the debut of the company’s online portal that it introduced in late 2022. The portal offers a custom-built platform for immediate access to pets’ medical records and health information. The portal has quickly become an essential resource, with thousands of daily page views and nearly doubled online appointment bookings. Heart + Paw’s app allows clients to access all the functionality of the client portal with even more ease.

As Heart + Paw continues to redefine veterinary care, their approach remains centered on ensuring a low-stress experience for both pets and their owners. With a focus on thoughtfully-designed locations and advanced technologies, the company has undoubtedly solidified its place as an innovative leader in the future of pet care.