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HandsOn Gloves Wins First Place in Equine at SuperZoo’s Showcase

Pet Age Staff//July 17, 2018//

HandsOn Gloves Wins First Place in Equine at SuperZoo’s Showcase

Pet Age Staff //July 17, 2018//

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The results are in: the new Soft gloves from HandsOn won first place in the equine category of SuperZoo’s New Product Showcase. The revolutionary grooming brand previously earned this award in 2017 for their original gloves in the show’s grooming category.

The Soft gloves are designed to accommodate the bathing and deshedding needs of pets with sensitive or thin skin and are available in five convenient sizes—junior, small, medium, large and extra-large—and come in a unique purple color. Constructed from durable, hypoallergenic PVC material like the original line, these gloves are lighter in weight and feature super soft nodules on the fingers and palms. While these gloves make a great addition to any horse owner’s grooming kit, they can also be used on a range of companion animals, including cats and dogs.

“We’re deeply honored to receive this award at SuperZoo from our peers in the industry,” said Jay Michaelson, Founder and CEO of HandsOn Gloves. “Our mission is to create high-quality products that enhance the bonding experience with the animals in our lives, and we’re thrilled our new gloves are being recognized for bringing this comfort to pets who may be more sensitive to grooming.”

Michaelson initially created the original HandsOn Gloves for his horses, who loved the ease and comfort it brought to a grooming session, and soon found that other horse lovers, and pet owners alike, wanted to reap the benefits. From there, HandsOn Gloves was born and has grown exponentially since their launch in 2015.

“The care and comfort of our animals is our top priority, which is why we’re confident that our gloves will change the way you groom for the better,” Michaelson said.