July 26, 2017

At SuperZoo, Halo is announcing the presentation of a WHOLE new pet food line that is “HOLISTIC. WHOLE. HUMANE.” This new line for retailers is made with whole meat, OrigiNative (humanely sourced) proteins and non-GMO vegetables.

“Halo’s new premium pet food line for dogs and cats reflects our mission: to change the way companion animals are fed and farm animals are raised… for the better,” said Myron Lyskanycz, CEO for Halo. “To support the launch and the importance of a WHOLE meat diet, world famous pets Lil BUB and Manny the Frenchie join Halo as spokespets with a combined 7.5 million+ pet-loving audience.”

For over 30 years, Halo has insisted on creating only holistic pet foods that rely first on whole meat, poultry or fish—never any rendered “meat meal.” Now the brand has added OrigiNative proteins and non-GMO vegetables, along with Proven Superior Digestibility.

To generate awareness about Halo’s Proven Superior Digestibility, the new packaging will prominently display the brand’s key message—“The Proof is in the Poop!” To drive this message home with humor, the national advertising campaign and floor promotions at SuperZoo will feature the brand’s new character mhalo bub square 1nemonic… a smiling halo-wearing “Poopsie.”

Halo sourcing includes GAP (Global Animal Partnership)-certified cage free humanely raised poultry and wild caught fish from MSC-certified sustainable fisheries. Halo says “no” to growth hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Halo’s OrigiNative protein sourcing promotes sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry with the goal of bringing farming and ranching practices back to a more original and native state that rejects the industrialized model of close-confinement, growth hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified feeds. Non-GMO vegetables: All fruits and vegetables (100 percent) in Halo products are sourced from farms and farmland that prohibit the use of genetically modified seeds for the products.

During SuperZoo, Manny the Frenchie will be on hand to bolster retailers’ social content with photo opportunities—and one will be selected to join Manny in a Halo pet food donation announced on Manny’s social sites! Retailers can also enjoy meet and greets with Manny, a book signing, as well as a social media seminar led by Manny’s pet parent. The “World’s Most Amazing Cat,” Lil BUB, will kick off the Halo launch via social media and engage millions of her feline-loving followers.

The new Halo wet and dry pet foods include its first-ever Kitten recipes, along with very popular specialized diets such as Indoor Cat, Small Breed Dog, Puppy, Senior, Sensitive Stomach Cat, Healthy Weight, Vegan Dog and of course Grain-Free.

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