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Hagen Names Aquatic Development Manager

Pet Age Staff//December 3, 2013//

Hagen Names Aquatic Development Manager

Pet Age Staff //December 3, 2013//

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Francis Yupangco was named aquatics development manager at Hagen.

His work experience ranges from designing and managing complex marine habitats to overseeing market development plans for global corporations.

“We’re very excited to welcome Francis on board,” Rolf Hagen Jr., president and CEO of Rolf C. Hagen Inc, said. “His skills and experience make him ideal for the position of aquatics development manager. He’s not only very well versed in marine biology, he also has a great grasp of marketing and market development, which enables him to look at things from a variety of angles.”

Prior to joining Hagen, Yupangco served as director of marketing and business development at Living Color Enterprises. Francis co-stars in the National Geographic reality TV series “Fish Tank Kings,” which features the company and its services. While at Living Color, he worked with a variety of corporate entertainment clients including Disney, Sea World, Rainforest Café and the Florida Marlins Major League Baseball team.

He was also director of operations at Issham Aquatics International, where he led aquarium operations at 30 locations across four countries, including major tourist attractions and government institutions, such as the Khalifa Park Maritime Museum, Prince Sultan Science and Technology Center and the Royal Palace Shark Encounter. Prior to that, Francis was employed at the Vancouver Aquarium for 7 years as an aquarist and researcher.