Grooming Brand Pet Head Receives Prestigious Design Business Award

Julia Rivera//March 21, 2023//

Grooming Brand Pet Head Receives Prestigious Design Business Award

Julia Rivera //March 21, 2023//

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Press release: Pet Head

When Company of Animals acquired Pet Head in 2016, the team immediately set its sights on improving the brands perception and communicating the high-quality attributes and natural credentials that consumers were actively looking for.

During the following years the company worked diligently to understand consumer’s needs and take the brand to new heights, evolving its formulation, promises and visuals while keeping its core values and fun unique attributes.

The agency developed the overarching big idea of “Love from Head to Paw” bringing to life the incredible connection between human and pet and delivering this through the use of personal care cues and pet iconography throughout the design which promised a multi-sensorial experience whilst highlighting its functional hygiene benefits.

“Working with Family & Friends was an absolute pleasure throughout the entire rebrand journey. They truly understand brands and consumers, they listened to our vision and their inputs were invaluable,” said Liliana Saraiva, head of categories for Company of Animals.

In May 2021, the team performed an extensive market research among dog owners in the U.S. and U.K. to capture their opinions and test how the new branding could ultimately impact brand consideration and purchase.

The new branding performed very strongly on appeal and consideration in both markets, showing a 86 percent appeal and 75 percent consideration in the U.S. versus (77 percent; 72 percent) in the U.K., showing a consumer satisfaction improvement due to the effective design.

The company also tested the rebrand through Home Tester Club and hyper-targeted 500 U.K. female dog owners, gathering honest ratings, reviews and insights for two of its best-selling product ranges achieving a staggering 98 percent of consumers recommendation.

Pet Head also gained a massive 30 percent market share in the U.K. (by sales value), outperforming historically top pet grooming competitors and 9 percent market share in the U.S. (by sales value) just one year after its launch, a true testament to the hugely increased on-shelf presence from the redesign.

Needless to say, this remarkable packaging transformation significantly impacted Pet Head’s visual identity, helped increase the brands recognition and captivated new consumers worldwide.

The DBA Effective Design Awards have recognized brand’s powerful ability to deliver competitive advantage through effective design since 1989.

These awards celebrate the strong collaboration between brands and their agencies and the accomplishment of astonishing results for their business.

Their rigours judging process sets very high standards and criteria to effectively demonstrate the positive results driven by a successful design implementation making them one of the most prestigious accolades to win.

During last November the team along with its design agency (Family & Friends) submitted a case study of Pet Head’s re-branding for the 2023 DBA Awards.

The two worked very closely to prepare a case study that would highlight all the work that was put into Pet Head´s new branding, from extensive market research, various packaging designs and testing consumer’s satisfaction to its successful launch in 2021.

The company is delighted to share that the Design Business Association has officially announced that its entry won a 2023 DBA Design Effectiveness Award. To find out whether its won a bronze, silver or gold award, the company will join the online Awards Ceremony on Thursday 29 June from 12pm (U.K. time) along with its agency partners.