Gold Medalist Swimmer Chase Kalisz, His Bulldog Floyd Join Nulo’s ‘Fuel Incredible’ Campaign

By Pet Age Staff//April 3, 2024//

Gold Medalist Swimmer Chase Kalisz, His Bulldog Floyd Join Nulo’s ‘Fuel Incredible’ Campaign

By: Pet Age Staff//April 3, 2024//

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Nulo, a leading pet nutrition company, is excited to unveil a new partnership with Gold Medalist swimmer Chase Kalisz and his bulldog Floyd, aimed at amplifying its “Fuel Incredible” campaign. This initiative underscores the pivotal role pets have in the lives of competitors, positioning Nulo as the go-to nutrition choice for elite athletes and pet parents alike in their quest for daily excellence.

Kalisz, known for his unparalleled dedication in the pool, understands the importance of support not just from coaches and family, but from his constant companion, Floyd. “Fuel Incredible” highlights how this support network extends beyond the human realm, spotlighting the comfort and happiness pets contribute to an athlete’s journey.

Michael Landa, CEO of Nulo, remarks, “Chase and Floyd represent the very essence of our ‘Fuel Incredible’ campaign. We understand that behind every great athlete is a support system, and our pets are an integral part of that – offering emotional support, companionship, and unconditional love. Our foods are crafted to ensure that while athletes chase their dreams, their pets are also fueled with the premium nutrition they need to be at their best. We are ecstatic to work with Chase and Floyd and to share their inspiring story.”

Kalisz echoes the excitement for this collaboration.

“Floyd has been with me through every high and low, offering silent support that’s as steadfast as my commitment to swimming. Partnering with Nulo is more than an endorsement, it’s an expression of the incredible bond Floyd and I share. I’m excited to join forces with a company that values the impact of pets on our lives and goals,” he said.

“Fuel Incredible” is set to deliver a multi-channel narrative filled with heartwarming tales, showcasing how athletes draw strength and companionship from their devoted pets. The campaign intends to unite the pet-loving and sports communities, highlighting that the path to greatness is best traveled with a pet by one’s side.