Gateway, Memorial Reefs Partner to Restore Ocean Habitat Through New Pet Reefs

By Pet Age Staff//August 1, 2023//

Gateway, Memorial Reefs Partner to Restore Ocean Habitat Through New Pet Reefs

By: Pet Age Staff//August 1, 2023//

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Press release: Memorial Reefs International

Gateway Services Inc. and Pet Reefs by Memorial Reefs International LLC have entered into a five-year agreement to build the world’s largest artificial coral reefs dedicated solely to pets.

This combination of the North American leader in pet aftercare and the world’s exclusive vendor for underwater memorials built from pet cremains will provide the experience and resources needed to restore ocean habitat while providing a unique final resting place for beloved pets. Employing engineered reefs designed to last for centuries, our loving pets become Living Legacies growing new life to help offset the losses from global climate change.

Throughout this project, cremated pet remains will be built into artificial Reef Balls and respectfully laid to rest on the ocean floor. Reef Balls will be placed in areas that present the highest need for coral repair. Pet parents who opt for individual or private cremation will be able to purchase Memorial Reefs that contain their pets’ cremated remains and receive a certificate stating the dedication date and GPS location of their Individual Memorial Reef should they wish to visit their pet. They will also receive a photograph showing their pet’s name on the bronze plaque attached to their Memorial Reef.

Gateway Services is proud to be North America’s leading pet aftercare partner for over 25 years. They continue their commitment to building forever bonds between veterinary professionals & pet families through thoughtful dignified services including cremation and burial, memorialization, 24/7 grief support, educational resources and more.

The mission at Pet Reefs by Memorial Reefs International is the rehabilitation and protection of the world’s ocean ecosystems through the development and use of ecologically sound artificial reef technology. As an example, the concrete used for each Pet Reef has a pH balance that matches the ocean and contains no metal, creating a living memorial that will last hundreds of years. It serves as a home for substantial marine life, and an enduring vessel for cremated remains.

Pet Reefs by Memorial Reefs International provides pet parents a unique final resting place for their companion animals that also creates and perpetuates marine reef ecosystems, essential to fish restoration and coral regeneration. Pet Reefs’ Undersea Memorial Gardens are located in areas where natural habitats have been weakened by climate change and human activity. The memorials are specially designed to promote the regrowth and revival of local marine life. Pet parents can now choose to honor their pets with a Living Legacy, creating new life for centuries to come.