Furbo Launches Upgraded Camera

Pet Age Staff//November 15, 2017//

Furbo Launches Upgraded Camera

Pet Age Staff //November 15, 2017//

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Furbo Dog Camera, the only treat-tossing dog camera designed specifically for dogs, announced the launch of a new, smarter model featuring an upgraded camera and Smart Dog Alerts. As the first AI-powered dog camera, Furbo now uses machine learning and computer vision to detect various dog activities such as chewing, pacing back and forth, or two dogs playing together. Available through the Smart Dog Alerts functionality which notifies users of changes in a dog’s behavior in real-time, Furbo will also snap and send a selfie when a dog looks directly at the camera. Unlike other home monitors that send general motion and sound alerts, Furbo’s smart alerts only notify users of dog-related events.

“Dog parents who use Furbo Dog Camera already love to see, talk and toss treats to their dogs when not at home. But most of all, they love to receive real-time alerts so they know everything is OK with their fur-babies while away,” said Victor Chang, CEO of Tomofun, the company behind Furbo. “Smart Dog Alerts is a solution to let pup parents know their dog is safe and happy at home. By integrating AI and dog recognition intelligence, Furbo becomes a pet tech pioneer in solving one of the biggest worries for dog parents: having to leave their dogs at home alone.”

Furbo’s dog recognition technology is powered by AI, so it is always getting smarter through more advanced detections and alerts. Furbo leverages machine learning and its large community of users to continually train and evolve the technology. The more pup parents use Smart Dog Alerts, the more Furbo learns about a dog’s patterns and behaviors.

An essential feature of the smarter Furbo, Smart Dog Alerts are delivered via both real-time notifications as well as a daily timeline, which allows users to review a breakdown of the events and behaviors exhibited by a dog throughout the day. The timeline of events is especially beneficial to assisting pup parents in identifying patterns, or irregularities, in a dog’s daily activities. Smart Dog Alerts available today include:

Dog Activity Alert – Furbo will send an alert when it identifies continuous activities, like a dog pacing back-and-forth, acting mischievously or getting a burst of energy and zooming around the house with a ball. In addition to knowing when a dog is active, it is also an important feature to identify characteristics of separation anxiety.

Dog Selfie Alert – Furbo now knows when your dog is looking directly into the camera, prompting the most Instagram-worthy selfies to be taken. Adoring dog parents then receive a notification through the Furbo app letting them know their dog is thinking of them and wants to play, or just wants a treat tossed their way.

Person Alert – Identifying when a human comes into view, Furbo users will be alerted whether a dog walker is scheduled to stop by mid-day or an intruder enters the home.

In addition to the launch of AI capabilities and a suite of Smart Dog Alerts, Furbo now comes equipped with 1080p HD camera with 4x zoom, 160-degree wide-angle lens, night vision and an increased treat well that will hold more than 100 pieces. As Furbo’s dog recognition technology continues to be trained, additional Smart Dog Alerts will roll out in the coming months as part of a premium service.