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Freshpet, Petco Launch Customized Fresh Pet Food Subscription Service

Julia Rivera//March 22, 2023//

Freshpet, Petco Launch Customized Fresh Pet Food Subscription Service

Julia Rivera //March 22, 2023//

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Press release: Freshpet

​​Freshpet and Petco Health and Wellness Company, Inc. recently announced an innovative partnership to produce and deliver fresh, customized subscription meal plans directly to pet parents’ doors. Available exclusively on Petco’s website, Freshpet Custom Meals are crafted for optimal nutrition by veterinary nutritionists for dogs.  

“It’s exciting to see the demand for fresh pet food continue to grow,” said Scott Morris, co-founder and president of Freshpet. “As shoppers seek healthier, real food for their pets, they’re also looking for solutions that provide added convenience. Our partnership with Petco allows us to deliver on both – creating customized healthy meal plans delivered to consumers’ doorsteps.”

As more pet parents shift to fresh food for their pets, Freshpet and Petco are making it easier to access high-quality options, regardless of how they choose to shop. Freshpet Custom Meals are the result of increasing consumer interest in direct-to-doorstep fresh, personalized pet meal plans. According to Nielsen IQ, Packaged Facts and Earnest credit card data, the fresh/frozen pet food category is expected to grow three to four times its current value, reaching up to $6 billion in the next four years, and the direct-to-consumer pet segment is growing at an event faster rate than pet e-commerce.

“This exclusive, customized home-delivered product is a breakthrough in the way pet parents can provide their pets with the very best nutrition,” said Amy College, Petco’s chief merchandising officer. “We’re thrilled to partner with Freshpet, the leader in fresh pet food, to bring Freshpet Custom Meals to life through our differentiated, seamless omnichannel ecosystem, as part of our ongoing commitment to pets’ high-quality nutrition and complete health and wellness.” 

After completing a short questionnaire on their dog’s attributes, sensitivities and health goals online, pet parents will receive a personalized meal plan with specific feeding guidelines based on the pet’s breed, age, body type, activity level and more. Pet parents can select their preferred delivery window for the food to be sent via Petco’s delivery services. The subscription meal plan starts at $3 per day. 

All Freshpet Custom Meals recipes are made with natural chicken, beef, salmon or eggs, real fruits and vegetables, and never any powdered meat meals or preservatives. Each meal is gently steam-cooked to retain vital nutrients and kept refrigerated until it reaches the pet parent’s home.

The offering has launched regionally across 15 states, including California, Texas, Florida and New York, and will be available nationally online later this year. Customers can receive a discount that is automatically applied to their first order.