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Free Webinar: Retailer Education on Fish Health, Treating Disease

Glenn Polyn//November 4, 2021//

Free Webinar: Retailer Education on Fish Health, Treating Disease

Glenn Polyn //November 4, 2021//

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Do your pet store employees have the skill set to easily assist customers when fish issues arise? Pet Age will be hosting a free webinar with Mars Fishcare and the API brand on understanding and treating fish disease at 2 p.m. EST November 11.

The November 11 webinar will provide you and your staff with the key aspects as to why fish become ill and how to treat them. It will address not only disease and medications but also why the fish are not well to begin with. It also will provide some simple useful techniques for your staff to work with your customers to quickly put their concerns at ease and identify, based on symptoms, the best course of action.

Presented by Gary Jones, manager of industry relations for Mars Fishcare, the webinar will help your staff with the most important aspect of fishkeeping, keeping fish healthy to prevent issues keeping aquarium owners in the hobby. The techniques and skills will be useful for both working with customers and handling fish instore.

As manager of industry relations for Mars Fishcare, Jones has assisted both “pet” and “lawn and garden” retailers by providing them with technical information and category education. He also devotes time to educating retailers, fish wholesalers and hobbyists to achieve a better understanding of fish health as well as assisting them in developing store use fish maintenance programs and quarantine programs.

Jones holds a Master’s degree in biology with emphasis in aquatics from East Stroudsburg University and degrees in Business and Marketing from Shippensburg University. He is an aquatic scientist specializing in the ornamental aquarium and pond trade for over 30 years. Jones has taught aquaculture, aquatic research, aquatic animal science and biology courses at various universities throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia. To attend the free webinar, please register here.