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Flashfood, Ren’s Pets Partner to Provide Discounted Pet Food App

Glenn Polyn//February 15, 2023//

Flashfood (CNW Group/Flashfood)

Flashfood, Ren’s Pets Partner to Provide Discounted Pet Food App

Glenn Polyn //February 15, 2023//

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Press release: Flashflood

Flashfood, a digital marketplace that reduces food waste at the retail level by connecting consumers with discounted food nearing its best before date, has announced its latest partnership with Canadian retailer Ren’s Pets. The partnership, which will first roll-out to eleven Ren’s Pets Ontario locations this month, will enable shoppers to purchase heavily discounted, top-quality pet food, while minimizing food waste.

With Flashfood, shoppers save up to 50 percent off high-quality food items nearing their best-by date, now including pet food staples such as kibble, wet food, raw food and treats. Shoppers conveniently browse and buy directly through the Flashfood app on their mobile phone, and then simply pick up their order from a team member at their participating Ren’s Pets store.

With the app enabling shoppers to benefit from significant cost savings on premium pet food items right from their mobile device, the partnership creates new and simple avenues for Canadian pet owners to cut-back on spending. Through Flashfood, shoppers will be able to purchase leading pet food brands at up to 50 percent off.

“During the last few years pet ownership in Canada has increased tremendously, and despite looming economic concerns and financial pressures, we know Canadians hold an unwavering desire to provide the best for their pets,” said Scott Arsenault, CEO of Ren’s Pets. “This partnership with Flashfood will help us better serve our shoppers by offering our top-quality pet food products at reduced prices to support their wallets, sustainability interests, and, of course, their pets’ nutritional needs.”

Since 2016, more than 1.6 million users in Canada have turned to Flashfood to save up to 50 percent on high quality food items including meat, produce and dairy. To date, Flashfood has diverted over 65 million pounds of food from landfill and has saved shoppers over $150 million.

“Flashfood is an incredible resource for Canadians’ looking to reduce their grocery bills,” said Josh Domingues, founder and CEO of Flashfood. “We’re thrilled to be diversifying the deals available on the app by introducing premium pet food products at Ren’s Pets. Canadians can now look forward to saving even more with Flashood by providing their beloved pets with high-quality pet food at steep discounts.”

Flashfood is launching this month at the following eleven Ren’s Pets locations in Ontario.

  • 20 Brock Road North, Guelph
  • 1525 Victoria Street North, Kitchener
  • 400 The Boardwalk, Waterloo
  • 34 Pinebush Road, Cambridge
  • 1979 Hyde Park, London
  • 821 Golf Links Road, Ancaster
  • 218 Henry Street, Brantford
  • 3405 Wonderland Road South, London
  • 2120 Rymal Road East, Hannon
  • 4315 Walker Road, Windsor
  • 1330 Exmouth Street, Sarnia

By the end of March, Flashfood will be available at the remaining 45 Ren’s Pets locations across Ontario and Atlantic Canada.