October 1, 2014

“Groomers who decide to add that extra touch of ‘wow-za’ to coats have a vast array of products to use like Showseason Sparkle Sprays,” said Sandy Gyogyi from Showseason Animal Products. “They come in four different versions, 24 kt (gold), Crystal (silver), Party (green, purple, silver, pink and gold) and Just Sparkle (fragrance-free gold and silver.)  All of these finishing sprays create shimmery, shiny coats with an extra dose of bling. They can be applied with ease to any coat color.  Black coats look awesome with 24kt. while a more subtle treatment involves the use of Crystal Sparkle Spray on a white coat to create a monotone shine that hits when the light is just right.”

Finishing sprays have been around for a long time.  Groomers look for a pleasant scent and a tell-tale “just groomed” shine when choosing such sprays.  Ideal for smooth-coated dogs, products such as Nature’s Specialties can work.

Decorative finishing touches can be as simple as a ribbon bow or fabric bandana, but many groomers have perfected the art of finishing their grooms with elaborate accessories.

“I am a mobile groomer,” said Lisa Correia, owner Bark ‘n Purr Mobile Salon. “Ten years ago, when it started my business, I was one of a handful of mobile groomers in my area. Today, within a 25 mile radius of my home, there are at least 45 mobile groomers and that is not including stationary shops and big box stores. Accessories to me are just as important as giving a fabulous groom. I am always looking for new and creative ways to accessorize my grooms. I needed to go beyond the everyday bow and bandana.”

It is one of the reasons why she helped found Feathers N Flair.

“We specialize in out-of-the-box accessories; no bows and bandanas, rather feathers, flowers and neckties,” Correia said. “Can they get a little pricey compared to everyday bows and bandanas? Yes, they can. But if you are giving a fabulous groom, why shoot for ordinary? Feather extensions can last for up to five months and are naturally dirt resistant and water repellant and can be washed and dried many times over.”

“Our flower collars and ear bows are adorable and totally unexpected and are guaranteed to make my clients smile. Bows and neckties are the new and classy version of the traditional bandana. What’s nice is that the client can easily take them off and save them for special occasions. They last for years. My thought is that when your clients are paying top dollar for your groom, it is nice to spoil them with fine accessories.”

Groomers may find that their clients’ preferences for finishing products may vary, and it is a good idea to note what they desire in their customer information file.

“I found that tastes differ in different areas of the country,” said Lois Brown, owner of The Grooming Booth.  “When I lived in Wisconsin, everyone wanted bows.  Here in Ohio the majority of my customers want bandanas instead.”
If a customer has a no-bow preference and the pet is delivered to them all beribboned, they can feel that their desires are not respected and be quite unhappy.

Also, because many people are sensitive or even allergic to the scent of perfumes, keeping accurate records about perfume preference is important. Groomers report that many customers are requesting that unscented products be used on their pets.
From glitter to feathers, perfumes to shine-enhancing sprays, the sky is the limit for how you choose to delight your grooming customers.

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