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Felix Cat Insurance Launches Cat Dad Hoodie Ahead of Father’s Day

By Pet Age Staff//June 5, 2024//

Felix Cat Insurance Launches Cat Dad Hoodie Ahead of Father’s Day

By: Pet Age Staff//June 5, 2024//

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Felix Cat Insurance recently announced the limited-edition launch of cat dad hoodies by Felix Cat Insurance that include a built-in pouch for toting rad cats up to 10 pounds. Over the last four years, 27 percent of men have adopted cats, surpassing 18 percent of women 1 – that’s 1.5 million men proudly stepping into feline fatherhood. To honor these new cat dads breaking cat-lady stereotypes, Felix Cat Insurance is promoting major CDE (Cat Dad Energy) this Father’s Day with apparel crafted for hardcore cat lovers looking to wear their pet parent badge with pride.

Knowing 33 percent of male pet parents grapple with separation anxiety2 when away from their pet, these hoodies are designed to fortify the human connection with felines by keeping them close wherever you are in your home with the hoodie’s front pouch. Whether you’re leading Zoom calls in a home office or gaming with friends in your living room, your feline copilot will be along for the ride snuggled up with you in style.

“At Felix, we love to see cat dads breaking stereotypes,” said Jamie Maxfield, Marketing Director at Felix Cat Insurance. “Our cat dad hoodie isn’t just a Father’s Day gimmick; it’s a tribute to all the hardcore cat dads out there who are unapologetic about their feline loyalty.”

To model the cat dad hoodie for fellow feline fathers, Felix Cat Insurance is partnering with cat-dad influencer Abram Engle and his cat, Kurt. One hundred percent of hoodie proceeds* – priced at $50 each – will go directly to Nashville Humane Association, an organization local to Engle and Kurt championing a cause close to the hearts of fellow cat lovers.


*Less shipping fees and taxes.

1 Based on a recent UK Pet Food survey for gender difference in pet adoption demographics of 8,956 households in the U.K.
2 Based on a recent Morning Consult survey for Independence Pet Group, Inc. of 2,204 pet parents in the U.S.

SOURCE Felix Cat Insurance