Fear Free Approves Mella Underarm Pet Thermometer for Preferred Product Program

Glenn Polyn//May 17, 2022//

Fear Free Approves Mella Underarm Pet Thermometer for Preferred Product Program

Glenn Polyn //May 17, 2022//

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Press release: Mella Pet Care

Mella Pet Care, creators of the world’s first accurate pet underarm thermometer, announced today that its Mella Smart Thermometer has been approved by Fear Free for the Preferred Product Program (PPP). The Mella Thermometer was Mella’s first product, a part of an ecosystem of connected health and wellness monitoring innovations for veterinarians and pet parents focused on vital signs and preventive health.

Fear Free founder and chief professional relations officer Dr. Marty Becker joined Mella’s podcast, the Mella Moment, in 2021 to talk about the meaning of Fear Free. Commenting on Mella’s Thermometer product, Dr. Becker said: “You have the perfect product for Fear Free. What you’re doing is both health and emotional well-being.”

Pets and parents agree getting pets’ temperature taken is the worst part of vet visits due to vets taking temperatures rectally, which causes fear and anxiety for the pet. Knowing that vets must take temperatures at every visit in order to be proactive about pet health, Co-founder and CEO Anya Babbitt was inspired to start Mella in order to find an easier way to measure her 14-year-old Shih Tzu dog’s temperature without the squeals.

“Fear Free is a vital initiative for our industry as vets and parents are searching more than ever for products that take their pets’ well-being into account,” says Anya Babbitt. “We are thrilled to be further involved through the Fear Free Preferred Product Program. This is an important milestone for Mella as we continue to bring new solutions to market.”

Mella makes both a veterinary and pet parent version of their smart thermometer, the Mella Pro and Mella Home, respectively. The Mella Pro launched in summer 2021 and the Mella Home launched this past winter.

As part of the approval process, Mella’s Thermometer was evaluated by Gary Landsberg, DVM, DACVB, DECAWBM (CA), his team and multiple Fear Free Certified Professionals. The PPP is designed to provide Fear Free Certified professionals and practices access to products and services that are aligned with Fear Free protocols, procedures and recommendations.

Mella uses machine-learning algorithms to achieve accuracy, and clinical trials are ongoing at University of Georgia, Cal Poly Pomona and Hinsdale Humane Society to publish a peer-reviewed study on its accuracy levels compared to a rectal thermometer. Mella has won 10 industry awards, including the Nestle Purina Pet Care Innovation Prize and Mars’ 2022 Leap Venture Studio accelerator.


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